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Carpets, especially the modern ones for decoration; are nothing more than flat pieces of any material, shape and size that are used to cover the floor. Some are fabrics, some are made of plastic, some are intricate patterns, printed or simple monochromatic, but all are designed for the same purpose, covering the floor where you step.

They originated thousands of years ago, when ancient tribes of nomads needed protection that was more effective than simple animal skins when making blankets, and were also easy to handle and move. But nowadays they are so linked to utility as to decoration, and can be purchased as large as the floor of the room where you wish to place it; And for them will have to resort to people who know the matter and go to another establishment to find the one of your preference depending on the use you want to give.

Textures and materials of carpets


[one_half_first]If you get tired of that cold floor, or with each step you hear the creaking of the wood, or the heel in the cement; maybe a carpet is the best for you. It will give a soft surface to the touch and bring some elegance to the room; something that for many people is important when it comes to receiving visitors. The carpeting of a room will have to decide depending on your taste as there are many designs; but size is much more important because if you install it will be a great feat, replacing it will be more.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Carpets can be found with an almost infinite variety in designs and textures; and will be made of many materials that will suit you very well if you decide to have it, so cheer up.

And for that it takes into account some of these data:

  • Textures and Materials
  • Designs and Colors
  • Dimensions

You will find them as soft as wool, and as rough as the wicker, and that will depend on the utility you will give it.

Usually, the rooms are used with a very soft texture; so that when you get out of bed the first thing you feel is not the cold floor on the floor of your feet.

Cotton carpets are perfect when installing inside the room, this is because they do not accumulate static, are very hygienic and easy to clean; But they are not very resistant to the transit of people and for that reason they are the most common to place in these spaces.

Wool carpets are more resistant to the passage of people, you can place them in places like the living room, study or office, the corridor, or in the dining room.

They are antiallergic, although paradoxically not very recommendable for asthmatics as they accumulate dust mites.

But there are treatments for the care, and so solve that small detail

Short pile carpets are excellent for warm temperatures, as they do not contribute much more than the already existing ones.

But in cold winter climates it is advisable to have longer hair to give better insulation at low temperature.

There are carpets of very rough textures, like jute that need daily maintenance; but they have the advantage of being pleasing to the eye, and give you a sense of tranquility.

These can also be installed in your room or in the living room … everything will depend on your tastes.

The variety of designs and colors is amazing


Since the first carpets were created, they were stained with natural compounds, seeds, and insects to give them different colors.

Some of these techniques have lasted over time; especially in places in Asia and the Middle East where most of the most beautiful carpets in history are found.

When installing one in your home, be sure to turn to an expert for this type of detail.

This will help you according to the rest of the set, the combinations, your preferences; and the environment you want to give to that space.

Play with dimensions

The carpets can cover the whole room where they are installed or only a small space of this; the largest in the world is located in the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

If you decide to install one that occupies an entire room; this may involve a greater expense than a simple and small.

There are good prices in the market and all you have to consider is the durability of the materials with which the carpet is made; as the transit of people will never be the same in the room as the dining room.

Maintenance of carpets in your home

However, the maintenance of a carpet assumes a concern for the person in charge; because depending on the matter with which it is made and the people who live in the house it’s how this process is performed.

Chemicals may end up being harmful to allergy or asthmatics, so special care must be taken when doing so.

Some rugs are much easier to clean than others. There are some techniques that you can use on your own and then you will have a few tricks.

  • Vinegar: Ideal for long-haired carpets when they need cleaning, as it disinfects them; In addition, it does not leave residual odor because when drying this it is dispersed in the air.

If it is manageable, hang it outdoors, tap it to shake the dust and then mix water and vinegar, use a spray and spray the mixture without soaking completely.

3 hours later it will be ready to be placed again

  • Salt: Excellent for old carpets that have some bad smell and some moisture. Just spread the carpet and spread the salt over the entire surface.

Then roll it tightly and leave it at least one day. At the end you just have to unroll and vacuum, taking the salt, dirt and bad smell.

  • Oxygenated water: Very good for wine stains. Only mix hydrogen peroxide with a trickle of liquid dishwasher, sprinkle with a spray and let it act for a while. Then wash it as you normally would.
  • Bicarbonate: Bicarbonate is used for accidental oil stains that may be present on your carpet.

Immediately to drop the oil, sprinkle the baking soda all over the stained surface and let it act a good while. Then just aspire it with you and ready, like new.

Last recommendations


It is always recommended in case of having pets; leave them out to avoid that small accident that involves having a dog, cat or any other pet.

In such cases you have to be quick and proceed immediately to clean to avoid getting both stain and odor.

There are many methods and formulas for it; just choose the one that best suits your type of material.

There are many agencies specialized in everything that carpets are concerned, there will be some of these agencies in your city.

Just go to them and they will be able to advise you on everything you need regarding them.

Having a carpet should not mean something laborious; you just have to know a little about the installation and its prices.

In the agencies and shops that are dedicated to the world of carpets to decorate your home; they will show you many models, sizes and shapes, as well as textures, materials and endless designs that will surprise you.


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