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How Do I Keep Cats Out of my Mulch?


Cats are lovely, but who wants to maintain a garden that is persistently messed up by cats? Many people become upset because of cats that camp out in their gardens. Cats drink from pond or water basins, eat your plants, bump into furniture, urinate anywhere and specially in carpets, ruins your plants especially your flowers, scratch furniture, and, even worse, leave poops around your place. For sure, you do not want to take care of a garden that has a revolting odor. Worry no more because there are tested ways on how to keep cats out of your mulch. Consider the following tips to keep them out of your yards.
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• Make the mulch uncomfortable for the cats. Usually, cats love to lay in a fresh and soft soil. Whenever they feel like peeing, the nearest patch of soil is where they answer the call of nature. It is good to spray prickly stuffs on your mulch. Pine cones or pine needles can be sprinkled for the cats to avoid.

• If that doesn’t work, you can raise a level of danger for the cats. Go get some supplies that have sharp ends. You can use wire nets that will surely make cats despise your mulch. Try putting down some chicken wire as well. If you do not like wire netting, use stone mulch instead. The texture of this kind of mulch is hard for the cats to dig in. It surely is uncomfortable for them to lie on.

• Unpleasant smell is a no-no for cats. Pet stores have animal manures that you can use for the soil and, at the same time, to get rid of the cats. Ammonia can also be used since its smell is repelling.

• Utilize fences. Put up fences around your garden. Ordinary wooden fences are not enough since cats can still find their way on skipping into your yard. It would be better to use an electric fence. Surely, cats will no longer risk entry and lurking on your mulch after being shocked.

• There are motion detectors available at your local hardware stores that you can have to scheme the riddance of cats. You can install one in your yard so that when a cat enters, it will automatically spray water into it. With that, the cat will stay away from your beloved garden.
• Using a cat trap can be your option. Pet stores have different kinds of cat traps that you can use. Whatever type of trap it could be, the important thing is that whenever a cat enters into it, the traps closes for the cat to be locked in. It is up to you if you are nice enough to look for the owner of the stray cat along your neighborhood.

• Calling animal control has to be the last among your choices. Hire professionals to help you out on your surging problem.

Always take note that in order for your mulch to be efficient for your plants and for your garden in general, you have to take really good care on your gardening. If the cats are your problem, you have to be responsible enough to have them out of your yards.

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