How to Detect Cat Urine on Carpet

Having a household cat can truly be nerve-wracking especially when you always have to take care of its mess around the house. With its unpleasant odor, cat urine not only spreads the foul smell but also affects your hygiene. While many cats tend to urinate almost anywhere, most of them love to do it on the carpet because of its texture. It is best to know how to detect cat urine on carpet before its odor ruin your day. With the use of a simple tool known as ultraviolet (UV) black light, you can track where your cat has shown misbehavior.

Cover the room in darkness

The ultraviolet light detects the stains caused by cat urine by means of showing you fluorescent spots. In order to see clearly if your carpet has cat urine stains, you need to cover the room in darkness. The best time of the day is nighttime when you can make sure that darkness will be filled in the room. Do not forget to turn off all of the lights in the room and draw the curtains on your window to prevent any outside lights from coming in. In a very dark room, you will easily spot any cat urine stain whether old or new.

Scan for cat urine stain
Using your UV black light, it is time to scan for cat urine stain. Simply hold the UV black light half a foot away from the carpet. Make sure that you scan the entirety of the carpet by orderly starting from one direction to another. Keep in mind that there are cats that have the tendency to have a territorial behavior as showcased by how they mark certain spots by urinating on it.

Look for glowing colors

Upon scanning the entire carpet, you will notice glowing colors that let you know where the cat urine stains are. Stains that have already dried up and old enough to be neglected will display a bright green mark. On the other hand, those stains that are just new will show a bright yellow mark.

Mark the spots

Whenever a glowing color appears on the carpet, be sure to mark it. One easy way to do this is to place a scrap paper on every spot where there appears to be cat urine stain. Encircle the perimeter of the spot may also be done with the use of a white chalk.

Clean the urine stains

After carefully assessing the damage on your carpet, the next step is to remove the urine stains by cleaning them. Basically, you need an enzyme-based pet stain remover. To ensure the cleanliness of your carpet, carpeting must be done as well as steam cleaning. However, if the old cat urine stains have always been saturated, there may be a need to take away that area of the carpet. Worst scenario is to remove the entire carpeting and replace it with a new one.

In order to minimize, or even let go, the chances of having your cats urinate on the carpet, be more vigilant on taking care of them especially when it comes to hygiene.

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