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How to Avoid Accidents in the Kitchen


The kitchen is one of the most interesting parts of a house. Here, you can work on miracles like turning that chunk of beef into a delicious dish of beef curry. It is almost perfect until you realize how many dangers are lurking in the corner of your kitchen. You can get scalded, blistered, cut, stabbed, burned and poisoned while working in the kitchen. That is you if you are not careful and you don’t know how to avoid accidents in the kitchen.

Check some of the following tips that may help you on how to avoid having accidents in the kitchen:

• If you are going to work in the kitchen, you have to focus on it. Don’t leave something on the stove unattended. You might forget that something is in the oven or stove and that increases the risk of your food getting burned, or worse, fires.

• Have that pot holder nearby if you are going to handle food heated from the microwave and others. If you take it with your bare hands, you might not stand the heat and end up toppling over the pot or pan you are holding.

• Wipe wet areas dry at once to prevent accidents like slipping.

• If a pan is on fire, don’t use water to extinguish it. Turn off the stove. It is recommended to use a fire extinguisher at this instance, or if a fire extinguisher isn’t available, soak a towel in water and place it on top of the burning pan.

• Don’t try making a flambé or putting wine in something you are cooking if you don’t know how to do it. It may cause a fire.

• Keep the knives in the drawer and lock it. This is to avoid children reaching the knives and hurting themselves.

• When handling a knife, use your common sense. When someone asks you to pass it to them give them the handle, not the point. They may not be looking and grab the knife and may hurt themselves if you gave them the pointed end.

• Lock away chemicals in hard to reach places, better yet lock them away so that curious children won’t have access to them.

• Have a ladder in handy if you want to reach something above. Using chairs can cause accidents like toppling down and may lead to serious injuries.

• If you are using liquefied petroleum gas for cooking, know how to avoid accidents in the kitchen if ever that LPG tank leaks. Leaks from LPG tanks are easy to detect because of the distinct smell it emits. Do not turn on any electrical appliances or light a match for this can lead to explosion. If the odor is too strong, call the fire department immediately for assistance.

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