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How to Avoid Accidents in the Bathroom


One important room in a house is a bathroom. Imagine your life without it. The bathroom however, also poses some threats to you and your family. The risk is higher if you have infants or elder people in the family. Without guidance, these members of the family can slip in the bathroom and get seriously injured.

How to avoid accidents in the bathroom is what every family should learn. It is important make this part of the house safe from danger because everybody uses it everyday.

In the shower, install a shower curtain to avoid the water from getting anywhere but the shower. Laying a non-slip rubber mat on the entrance is a good idea to prevent slipping, but you have to make sure that mat will stay in place. If you have elderly people living with you, a grab bar on appropriate areas such as the tub or the near the toilet bowl of the bathroom is a considerate safety precaution.

Check your lighting. If water gets in touch with the bulb, it may cause accidental electrocution. Moisture from the shower can also reach that light bulb on the bathroom’s ceiling. The answer to this problem is proper ventilation. Make sure that moist air can get out of the bathroom when you are using warm water, so open the windows! Remember that water is a good conductor of electricity. If you need power outlets in the bath, make sure they have these safety plugs around the outlets which you can seal when you won’t use it to avoid water from getting into it.

If you have a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, place it high so that children cannot reach it. Children are very curious and might ingest anything hazardous in the medicine cabinet.

Keep the keys to the bathroom somewhere nearby. Or better yet, install a lock for the bathroom which is two way. If somebody had an accident inside the bathroom, you can respond to it immediately.

Before leaving the bathroom, be sure to turn off all the lights, candles, and the faucet. Run the cold water first before turning on the knob for warm water. You might get scalded.

Soaps make the walls or floors of a bathroom twice as slippery as before. So after taking a shower, if you have the time, mop up excess water which did not drain. Soapy water on the floor is synonymous to accident. You or someone who will come to the bathroom after you can be a victim.

These some things you have to know on how to avoid accidents in the bathroom. Preventing future accidents is better than letting it happen and then remedy it.

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