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How to Become a Certified Kitchen Designer


When it comes to knowing how to become a Certified Kitchen Designer, you have to understand that it is not your ordinary profession. This kind of specialized certification is given by the National Kitchen and Bath Association.
So what does a Certified Kitchen Designer do? Basically, a CKD goes beyond the scope of a decorator. A CKD works with the interior architecture and surface look of its client’s kitchen. Different types of designs may be executed depending on the needs of the client. Once the CKD comes up with a plan based on what the clients want to have, they have to review it cooperatively before finalizing any detail. If you like to become one, here are the easy steps.

Gain specialized experience
Just like with other jobs, it would be better if you have already gained specialized experience. Especially since a certification is involved here, you must have worked as an intern or apprentice with an interior decorator or even a CKD. In principle, any experience relating to kitchen designing may work out fine.

Go to the website of National Kitchen and Bath Association
You need to apply for being a CKD. Simply visit the website of National Kitchen and Bath Association and look for the application pages. Take note that there are those that are particularly for customer and professional recommendation. Ask for a recommendation from your previous clients or any other professional whom you have worked with. While you are on the website, look for the date of the next CKD exam. Prepare for the necessary examination fee. Late fees will be accepted but an extra late fee will be included. Recommendations must be done with at least twelve-week allowance considered before the exam starts. Late applicants can wait for the next CKD exam.

Review for the examination
It is best that you gather the study notes that you had during your training and any other related courses about kitchen design. The exam may also touch on the latest technologies in kitchen architecture and design. Always read the news and browse through online articles where you can be well-informed about kitchen design. You can also attend online classes and seminars that will guide you on refreshing your memory about important aspects and techniques in the field of kitchen design.

Once you have followed the given steps, you simply need to wait for the results of the examination. If it is fortunate for you to have passed the certification exam, you can then be called as a Certified Kitchen Designer. If you did not make it, you can still try other levels of certification offered by the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

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