Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover: 10 Inspiring Decorating Ideas To Try

Embarking on a kitchen makeover can be an exciting yet daunting task, especially when it comes to staying within a budget.

However, with the right decorating ideas and strategies, it is possible to transform your kitchen into a stylish and functional space without breaking the bank. In this tutorial, we will explore 10 budget-friendly decorating ideas that will help you give your kitchen a fresh new look without splurging on expensive renovations.

Whether you're looking to update your cabinets, add some personality to your walls, or enhance your kitchen's functionality, these inspiring ideas are sure to spark your creativity and help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

Planning Your Kitchen Makeover

Assuming you have made the decision to give your kitchen a budget-friendly makeover, it is important to carefully plan every step of the process. From setting a realistic budget to prioritizing your makeover goals, thorough planning is the key to achieving the kitchen of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Setting a Realistic Budget

For a successful budget-friendly kitchen makeover, it is essential to set a realistic budget that you can stick to. Take into account the cost of any necessary renovations, such as cabinetry, countertops, and flooring, as well as the price of appliances and decorative elements. Be sure to leave room in your budget for unexpected expenses that may arise during the makeover process.

Prioritizing Your Makeover Goals

Goals like improving functionality, updating the aesthetic appeal, or increasing storage space are essential to prioritize in your kitchen makeover. This will help you focus on what truly matters and prevent overspending on unnecessary elements. Identify your main goals and rank them in order of importance to guide your decision-making throughout the makeover.

For instance, if improving functionality is your top priority, consider investing in versatile storage solutions and efficient appliances to maximize the use of space in your kitchen. By prioritizing your goals, you can ensure that your makeover is both cost-effective and impactful.

Color Makeover Strategies

While embarking on a budget-friendly kitchen makeover, one of the most impactful changes you can make is to update the color scheme. Whether you want to create a calming atmosphere with soft, neutral tones or make a bold statement with vibrant colors, the right color makeover strategy can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen.

Choosing a New Color Palette

Any successful color makeover starts with choosing the right color palette. Consider the overall style of your kitchen and the mood you want to create. Whether you opt for monochromatic, complementary, or contrasting colors, be sure to take into account the existing elements in your kitchen, such as the cabinetry, countertops, and flooring. Additionally, consider the natural light in your kitchen and how it will affect the chosen colors throughout the day.

Painting Techniques on a Budget

Any budget-friendly kitchen makeover can benefit from simple painting techniques to update the color scheme. Whether you opt for a fresh coat of paint on the walls, a painted accent wall, or a creative use of stenciling or color blocking, there are plenty of ways to achieve a high-impact look without breaking the bank. Choosing high-quality, durable paints that provide good coverage and resistance to stains and scratches is essential to ensure a long-lasting and professional finish. Additionally, consider utilizing paint to refresh outdated cabinetry or furniture, giving your kitchen an entirely new look at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Choosing the right color palette is crucial to the success of your kitchen makeover. Any budget limitations can be overcome with innovative painting techniques, allowing you to achieve a stunning new look without breaking the bank. By carefully considering the colors and techniques that best suit your kitchen, you can create a fresh, inviting space that reflects your personal style.

DIY Cabinet Revamping

Unlike a complete cabinet replacement, revamping your existing cabinets can give your kitchen a fresh new look without breaking the bank. There are a variety of budget-friendly options to revamp your cabinets, from updating the hardware to refinishing them yourself.

Updating Cabinet Hardware

The first step in revamping your cabinets is to update the hardware. The hardware on your cabinets can have a major impact on the overall look of your kitchen, so consider swapping out old knobs and pulls for more modern options. Look for sleek, contemporary hardware to give your cabinets a fresh, updated look. With just a few simple tools, you can easily switch out the hardware yourself, making it a quick and cost-effective way to transform your cabinets.

Refinishing Cabinets Yourself

Any homeowner can take on the task of refinishing their cabinets themselves. This budget-friendly option allows you to completely change the look of your cabinets without the expense of a professional. By sanding and painting or staining your cabinets, you can breathe new life into your kitchen. Choose a color or finish that complements your kitchen’s decor and give your cabinets a fresh, updated look.

To achieve the best results when refinishing your cabinets yourself, be sure to properly sand and clean the surfaces before applying any paint or stain. It’s important to use the right tools and techniques to ensure a professional-looking finish. With some patience and effort, you can achieve a stunning new look for your kitchen cabinets at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement.

Countertops and Backsplashes on a Dime

Your kitchen countertops and backsplashes are key elements in the overall look and feel of your kitchen. When it comes to giving your kitchen a budget-friendly makeover, updating these surfaces can make a big impact without breaking the bank.

Affordable Countertop Makeover Ideas

Countertops are often one of the first things that catch the eye in a kitchen. If your countertops are looking worn or outdated, there are several cost-effective ways to give them a fresh new look. Consider options such as painting laminate countertops, applying a peel-and-stick countertop covering, or installing affordable butcher block or concrete countertops for a trendy and budget-friendly update.

Backsplash Updates That Won’t Break the Bank

To update your kitchen backsplash without spending a fortune, consider options such as peel-and-stick tile, beadboard, or vinyl wallpaper that resembles tile. These materials are affordable, easy to install, and can completely transform the look of your kitchen. Additionally, consider using leftover tile from another project, or purchasing discounted or clearance tile for a custom look that won’t break the bank.

Flooring Solutions That Save Money

Keep your kitchen makeover on budget by exploring flooring solutions that are both cost-effective and stylish. With the right choices, you can transform your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Inexpensive Flooring Alternatives

Flooring can be a significant expense in a kitchen makeover, but there are several budget-friendly alternatives to traditional hardwood or tile. Consider options such as luxury vinyl tile, laminate, or cork flooring, which can mimic the look of more expensive materials at a fraction of the cost. Another money-saving option is to refinish existing hardwood floors if they are in good condition, rather than replacing them entirely. By exploring these alternatives, you can achieve a fresh new look for your kitchen without overspending on flooring.

The Impact of Rugs and Mats

Solutions such as area rugs and anti-fatigue mats can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen. These accessories not only add a pop of color and style, but they also provide comfort and support for your feet while standing at the sink or stove. Additionally, rugs and mats can help protect your flooring from everyday wear and tear, ultimately extending its lifespan.

Any budget-friendly kitchen makeover can benefit from incorporating affordable and practical options such as rugs and mats. These accessories can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen while serving important functional purposes. It’s a win-win for your budget and your design goals.

Accessorizing Your Kitchen

Unlike major renovations, accessorizing your kitchen is a cost-effective way to add personality and style to the heart of your home. By carefully selecting and arranging decorative elements, you can achieve a fresh, updated look without breaking the bank.

Adding Character with Decorative Elements

Adding unique and eye-catching decorative elements is a simple way to inject personality into your kitchen. Consider hanging a collection of vintage plates or artwork on the walls, or displaying colorful pottery or glassware on open shelves. You can also incorporate natural elements such as fresh flowers, plants, or a bowl of seasonal fruit to bring life and vibrancy to the space.

Creative Storage Solutions for Small Budgets

Budget-friendly kitchen makeovers can benefit from creative storage solutions that maximize space and organization. Utilize wall-mounted racks, hooks, and magnetic strips to store utensils, pots, and pans, freeing up valuable cabinet and countertop space. Additionally, investing in stackable or modular storage containers can help keep pantry items organized and easily accessible.

Kitchen makeovers don’t have to be expensive. With some strategic planning and a keen eye for detail, you can transform your kitchen into a stylish and functional space without spending a fortune. By incorporating these creative storage solutions, you can achieve a clutter-free and organized kitchen that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Embrace the opportunity to get creative with your storage solutions and make the most of your kitchen space.

Lighting to Transform Your Kitchen

After deciding to give your kitchen a makeover, one key aspect to consider is the lighting. The right lighting can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen, making it a more inviting and functional space. Whether you want to brighten up a dimly lit kitchen or create a cozy ambiance, there are plenty of budget-friendly options to suit your needs.

Cost-Effective Lighting Fixtures

The right lighting fixtures can make a significant impact on your kitchen’s overall look. Consider swapping out outdated fixtures with more modern and energy-efficient options. LED lights are not only cost-effective but also provide bright and even lighting. Alternatively, installing under cabinet lighting can give your kitchen a stylish and polished look without breaking the bank. With a variety of options available, you can easily find lighting fixtures that complement your kitchen’s style while staying within budget.

How Lighting Can Change the Kitchen’s Mood

To enhance the mood in your kitchen, it’s important to understand how different lighting can influence the space. Warm lighting can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making your kitchen feel more welcoming. On the other hand, cool lighting can brighten up the space and create a more vibrant and energetic ambiance. By strategically placing different lighting sources, you can easily switch between different moods, depending on the time of day or the occasion.

Change the lighting in your kitchen to enhance its overall look and feel. Whether you want to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere or brighten up the space for better functionality, the right lighting can transform your kitchen without breaking the bank. Experimenting with different lighting options can help you achieve the perfect balance of style and functionality for your budget-friendly kitchen makeover.

Energy-Efficient Appliances and Green Ideas

Not only can energy-efficient appliances and eco-friendly practices help you save money on utility bills, but they can also reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Selecting Energy-Saving Appliances

Any kitchen makeover should include the consideration of energy-saving appliances. Look for appliances with the ENERGY STAR label, which signifies that they meet the energy efficiency guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency. These appliances are designed to consume less energy and water, resulting in significant cost savings and environmental benefits.

Incorporating Eco-Friendly Practices

For an even greener kitchen makeover, consider incorporating eco-friendly practices such as composting, recycling, and using reusable items. Replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED or CFL bulbs can also help reduce energy consumption and lower your electricity bills. Making these small changes can have a positive impact on the environment and your wallet.

To further reduce energy usage, consider installing motion sensor faucets and low-flow aerators to conserve water in the kitchen. These simple adjustments can lead to substantial long-term savings and help preserve our valuable natural resources.

The Final Touches

Now that you’ve transformed your kitchen with a budget-friendly makeover, it’s time to add the final touches to complete the look. These decorating ideas will help you put the finishing touches on your kitchen and make it feel like a brand new space.

Organizing Kitchen Space Efficiently

To maximize your kitchen’s functionality, it’s important to organize the space efficiently. Consider using stackable storage containers, drawer organizers, and wall-mounted racks to keep your kitchen essentials within easy reach. Utilizing vertical space for storage can help free up counter space and make your kitchen feel larger and more organized. Take inventory of your kitchen tools and appliances, and only keep the items that you use regularly. By decluttering and optimizing your storage, you can create a more efficient and enjoyable cooking environment.

Minimalism and Decluttering

Minimalism and decluttering are essential elements of a budget-friendly kitchen makeover. Embracing a minimalist approach to decor will help create a clean and streamlined look in your kitchen. Clearing out excess items and creating designated spaces for everything will help keep your kitchen organized and functional. By incorporating minimalism and decluttering into your kitchen design, you can create a peaceful and serene environment that promotes a positive cooking experience.

Any kitchen can benefit from the principles of minimalism and decluttering. By simplifying your space and removing unnecessary items, you can create a more efficient and visually appealing kitchen. Embracing minimalism and decluttering will not only improve the functionality of your kitchen but also contribute to a more peaceful and stress-free cooking experience.

Tutorial Steps: Implementing Your Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover

To achieve a successful budget-friendly kitchen makeover, it’s crucial to follow a set plan and execute the necessary steps meticulously. In the following tutorial, we will delve into the essential steps to implement your kitchen makeover, from preparing the space to final staging.

Step 1: Preparing Your Kitchen for the Makeover

Steps such as decluttering, cleaning, and assessing the current state of your kitchen are imperative to the success of your makeover. Begin by removing all unnecessary items from your kitchen, clearing your countertops and cabinets to provide a blank canvas for your makeover. Next, thoroughly clean the space, including appliances, surfaces, and storage areas. Take the time to assess any repairs or updates that may be needed, such as fixing leaky faucets or repairing cabinet doors. This initial step sets the foundation for the rest of the makeover process.

Step 2: Executing the Planned Changes

TutorialExecution is the key to success in this step. After planning and envisioning the changes you want to make in your kitchen, it’s time to put your plans into action. This may involve simple DIY projects, such as painting cabinets or installing new hardware, or seeking professional help for more involved tasks, like replacing countertops or flooring. Whatever the changes may be, careful and meticulous execution is crucial to achieving the desired results.

Your budget-friendly approach to this step should be resourceful and strategic, making use of existing materials and incorporating cost-effective solutions. Whether it’s repurposing old furniture or finding budget-friendly alternatives, maximizing your resources will help keep the expenses in check.

Step 3: Decorating and Final Staging

Executing the final touches to your kitchen makeover involves decorating and staging the space to elevate its visual appeal and functionality. With an array of creative decor options such as adding artwork, plants, or stylish storage solutions, you can infuse your personal style into the space while maintaining a budget-friendly approach. Pay attention to detail to ensure your decor serves both a visual and practical purpose in your kitchen.

With careful consideration and planning, you can optimize your budget and achieve a remarkable transformation in your kitchen. Implementing these steps will not only revamp the look of your kitchen but also enhance its functionality and overall appeal.


Following this budget-friendly kitchen makeover guide, you now have 10 inspiring decorating ideas to try that will help transform your kitchen without breaking the bank. By incorporating these budget-friendly tips, you can give your kitchen a fresh new look that reflects your personal style and enhances the functionality of the space. Whether you choose to add a pop of color with a new backsplash, update your cabinet hardware, or introduce some stylish storage solutions, these decorating ideas will help you achieve a stylish and inviting kitchen that you can be proud of.

With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can achieve a beautiful kitchen makeover that doesn’t require a big investment. By making strategic updates and incorporating budget-friendly decorating ideas, you can breathe new life into your kitchen and create a space that suits your taste and lifestyle. It’s time to roll up your sleeves, get inspired, and start transforming your kitchen into the space of your dreams.


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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas for an Exciting Home

When you cannot find the things you are looking for, it may be the right time to start remodeling your kitchen. You might need a kitchen cabinet for the easy storage of the things you need rather than putting them anywhere; you will just misplace them later on. That is why it is necessary to start your search to give a new air to your kitchen.

The cabinets are not only ideal for storage but also help keep everything organized. If you choose them well, they can last for a long time and be perfect additions to your decoration. Here at Decorating Visita Casas we will teach you where to start.

Wood kitchen cabinets

[one_half_first]All you need to do is look around before you actually shop for a meaningful storage cabinet. Browsing on magazines and checking out the web will help you find the latest news and designs to choose from. If you choose to design a new home kitchen, all you need to do is combine your creativity with some ideas which you can find in the mall and in other magazines.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

However, the first options you should take into account are the wood cabinets. These are not old. They are also resistant and durable; Every time you decide to remodel your kitchen you can give a different approach to them.

Only with sandpaper and paint can you make your cabinets totally change.

The rustic does not go out of style

Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Cabinets

Following with wooden cabinets, there are different types of this material that may be perfect for you. The first option and the most used is the pine.

This super tough wood is highly rustic, and you should take into consideration that its brown color is what gives it the perfect finish. I recommend that you do not use any type of paint on top of this wood.

The best choice is a protective lacquer that will shine and protect it. However, if you do not want the distinctive brown color of this wood, then opt for an already processed black color.

MDF Wood

Kitchen Cabinets

This type of wood is excellent for those who do not want their furniture to weigh heavily. And they are ideal for kitchen cabinets.

It can withstand high temperatures as well as pressure, so you can rest easy. Nothing bad will happen with this furniture if an accident happens.

Also, this material is cheap compared to other woods; so you can save money and have a great finish.

Always looking for the economy

When it’s time to remodel any place in the house, we always do it with a budget in mind. And we do our best not to leave.

However, remodeling the kitchen always involves expensive work, in addition to the time that has to be used. It does not matter if you do it yourself. You must be prepared that it is possible that you spend more money than you think.

But there are options that are many cheaper than wood.

Yes, surely you will ask, Nora, why did not you say so before?

Well, ideally you should know the options that currently exist in the market and take the best for you.

The idea it’s when you start to remodel, do it in peace and quiet so you can have the final product that you want.

Introducing Laminates

It consists of several sheets stacked and pressed between them and then placed on a board of agglomerate; in this way a greater resistance is achieved.

It is easy to clean and resistant to contact with cleaning products; has infinity of colors. They are ideal for kitchen cabinets since the least we want to do after cooking have to clean the cabinets.


Lacquered cabinets can be presented with different finishes; either in satin or matte, gloss or metallized. The biggest advantage is that it can be made to the customer’s taste.

Its only defect is that it is a delicate material to hit or touch and requires greater care.


This type of material is made by placing a sheet which is pressed onto chipboard.

It can be found in different colors which imitate the wood. This material is the most economical and allows you to create great possibilities of combination.

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Kitchen Cabinets

If you are one of those people, instead of completely remodeling the kitchen and getting rid of the old cabinets you prefer to refresh the ones you already have, then read on.

To make refreshment to your old furniture the first thing to determine is:

  • The quality of the same: that is, if they are in good condition, will support a new coat of paint, or wallpaper.
  • If they are adaptable: many people complain about their cabinets because they are too big or too small; Check with an expert if you can tailor them to the extent you want.
  • What materials are you going to use: This part is very important, since you should know what kind of material was used when they made the cabinets? It is important to know if the wood can be sanded, if it can be painted or can be lined.

The best advice I can give you to rebuild your cabinets is to make a design of the place. It does not have to be professional, but if at least you must have an idea of what you want.

Kitchen Cabinets

I recommend that you not only use space wide, but also throughout. Place cabinets on the wall to make the space more open.

Choose a pantry with doors to store the dishes. Have enough space and do not have to move constantly.

Play with the size of the same; Chooses cabinets of short stature to store the food and of great stature for the vessels and utensils.

Do not forget the color

This point is very important because it will define the final finish, the color of the kitchen.

I recommend that if you are going to change the whole layout of it, then you decide on a range of targets, from the stream to the Oxford White.

Instead, if you want to give something more seriousness to space, the gray colors are definitely for you. I recommend the Rockport Gray and the Metropolitan. These will help you achieve an elegant and minimalist space.

Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Cabinet

But if you are one of those people who prefer darker shades, then blues and blacks are your best choice. In this case, I recommend the Van Deusen Blue and Black Beauty.

There are also intermediate tones with which you can combine and create the cabinets of your dreams. The green tones are also ideal for kitchens.

But I must warn you, NO YELLOW PLACES IN IT, it has been scientifically proven that the yellow in the kitchens can generate feeling of hunger which is difficult to quench.

Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Cabinet

Yes, even the colors we have to fix.

With these simple tips you will know what to choose when remodeling your kitchen cabinets. You do not need to be an expert to achieve this. Only you need good taste and be clear what you want.

And I’m sure your kitchen will be part of one of your favorite places in your home.


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15 Creative Ways to Decorate your Kitchen Affordably

Everybody aspires to make their kitchen more than just a cooking space. The kitchen is the heart of every home. The kitchen should be well decorated since this sometimes becomes the meeting place for the family. A good kitchen should be well equipped, with big cabinets, properly lit and spacious. Decorating the kitchen may be quite expensive, for example, buying new tiles for your kitchen will cost you up to 1000$. Here are simple but effective ways to decorate your kitchen:

1. Upgrade accessories

[one_half_first]A good kitchen is worth nice looking and latest kitchen accessories. It is important to make the maximum out of the accessories in your kitchen. The pantry items you choose should be able to match the color of the cabinets in the kitchen.

You can add a few accessories such as a wall clock on one of the walls or a trashcan in one of the corners. A floral pattern is the best to adopt.

Wooden items such as chopping boards can also add a cozy look to the kitchen tables. The most important of all is to ensure that they are neatly arranged.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

2. Brighten up your kitchen

A kitchen that does not get enough lighting or has dark colors will look small and congested. You can, therefore, paint your kitchen walls with bright colors, decor it with a country style, and if you like dark cabinets, you could add some led lights on them to make them look brighter. Concerning the lighting of the kitchen room, make sure that nothing blocks the lights from your windows. You can also replace your dark curtains with brighter ones. Here are some tips for optimizing lighting in the kitchen rooms:

  • To brighten up your counter space, stick some led strip lights on them and on the under cabinets. Led lights are very cheap and consume very little energy.
  • Use energy saving bulbs to replace the incandescent light bulbs.
  • Use pendant lights to replace an old lighting system.
  • A mirror on the cabinet or on the walls will be a nice idea to make the kitchen entertaining and also for reflection of light.
  • Outdated lighting systems should also be removed.

3. Cooking tool wall storage

This is an idea got from the busy restaurant kitchens. They use some nice industrial hardware and well-painted racks mounted on the wall to store their utensils. Here are some ways of adopting this idea.

  • Use magnets mounted on the wall to store metallic cutlery such as knives.
  • Mount a pegboard just above your counter. The pegboard should be well painted and polished. It will be important also to hang items by merit of color or use.
  • Install hang racks to hang utensils that are fitted with hooks or have a hanging hole.
  • Hang baskets are also available. This can be used to store small items, thus may include fruits, ingredients or even cutlery.

4. Use hideaway furniture

The most important component of your kitchen is space. To maximize the available space, you can choose simple furniture that can be moved away from the kitchen when they are not needed. Some examples of such furniture include;

  • Bar stools that can be tuck under the cabinets.
  • Kitchen cabinets or tables that can be rolled back.
  • Wall mounted, dropdown kitchen tables or chopping boards.

5. Pot Racks

Small kitchens usually face a problem in storing large pots. The best option in such a case is to use pot racks, they can either hang from the ceiling or mounted on the wall. Pegboards mounted on the wall will be ideal for a small kitchen. The pots should be arranged neatly maybe according to their sizes or frequency of use.

6. Increase your counter space

A large counter space will make the cooking process easier and faster. A spacious kitchen looks modern and appealing, one should, therefore, device ways to increase their kitchen space as much as possible. There are so many suggestions on how to increase space in the kitchen. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Use of cooktops that are made up of low-profile ceramic. The modern cooktops are well designed to give you extra space where you can place a few items when not in use.
  • Cooktop cover. Your cooktop can be converted into a counter space by covering it with a wooden or plastic panel when not in use. You can chop your ingredients on top of this cover before you start cooking.
  • Add a butcher block. It is advisable that you buy one with wheels or fit a set so that you can easily push it away when not in use. Adding some simple stools to the butcher block will form a nice breakfast bar.

7. Additional Shelving

Shelves are important in storage in the kitchen.To achieve a more elegant look in your kitchen, add a row of narrow shelves to blank walls. Here you can store your cookbooks and recipe guides.You can also put movable shelves at the corners, here you can store extra nonperishable groceries.

8. Add a backsplash

When you are unable to tile the area around the sink, a backsplash will solve the problem. A standard backsplash is about 10 to 40 square fit. A well-decorated backsplash will cost you up to $5 per square feet which is very cheap. The backsplash will protect the walls from effects of water such as paint peeling off. A backsplash will not only make the sink area beautiful but can also be cleaned and disinfected easily.

9. Carpets and Mats

A few pieces of mats or rags in your kitchen will improve its look. First, look for a carpet to spread on the floor space. The carpet must not necessarily cover the whole kitchen space, you can put it under the dining table in the kitchen if you have one. The color of the carpet should also match the general color of the paint in the room. Secondly, you can add small mats on random places in the kitchen room, for example, places where you like standing like next to the fridge, next to the cooktop. A brilliant idea is putting some mats beside the sink, this is important since it does not only make the sink space look more beautiful but also absorb any water that is splashing from the sink.

10. Add wall covering

Wall coverings are a cheap and easy decorative technique. Wall coverings come with adhesive backs and are therefore easy to install, you just cut and stick. It gives more volume to your cabinets and countertops. Wallcoverings come within a range of decorations such as beautiful landscapes, quotes and amazing color combinations.

11. Change Knobs and handles

This is one of the easiest and quickest updates. Choose stylish and well-polished knobs and handles for your drawers. Polished Nickel handles are the best for kitchen cabinets and drawers. It is advisable to avoid funny knob and handle designs, for example, some people choose handles that are customized in the shape of some objects. You should avoid such since they old very fast.

12. Painting

Paint the kitchen furniture to give them a new and polished look. If you won’t be able to paint all your walls and furniture, you can concentrate on the part just above your cabinet or sink. Some interior designers will propose painting the upper parts of your kitchen with brighter colors than the lower components, this will enhance a well-lit look in the kitchen room. When choosing paints, you should choose kitchen adapted paints that are water resistant.

If you don’t want to engage in heavy paintwork, you can concentrate on a small area and paint it with a very conspicuous color, for example, if the color of the kitchen walls is white, you can paint one of the corners with a yellow or pink color.

13. Remove cabinet doors

If you have a small or medium size kitchen, you could open it up by removing the cabinet doors especially for shelves on the high parts of the kitchen. However, if you are not confident enough to remove the cabinet doors you can replace them with glass doors that will enable you to see your utensils without opening the cupboards.

14. Changing Faucets

Faucets are what make a kitchen look stylish. Choose faucets that are well designed, for example, the tall curved faucets look elegant and stylish. You should also choose Faucets that are of good color, for example, red or black.

15. Adding a dining table and chairs

If you have a spacious kitchen, you can consider adding a nice dining table in the kitchen space. If you already have a dining table and chairs, you may consider changing the set to a modern and stylish one, you can choose a set that comes with chairs that have the same color as the kitchen walls. A good dining table will add a more elegant look in your kitchen.


If you don’t have enough budget to redo your kitchen decorations from the floor to the ceiling, these fifteen ideas will help you achieve what you desire at your budget.

In redecorating your kitchen, you do not need to break your piggy bank just to go through the process. There are numerous ways to liven up your kitchen without spending anything. You need to learn the 3 main areas which will be covered by a kitchen decorating; they are the floors, walls and storage. You can use these 3 as a guide in fixing your kitchen. Choosing the themes for your kitchen may be very tough. But the outcome of your newly renovated kitchen will depend on your new concept. You can start with these steps:

Brilliant idea for a small kitchen

1. Floors – the best idea is to use a blend of ages with the modern touch. Vinyl floor tiles can do wonders with your floor. You can easily choose from different colors which can easily blend with other kitchen ornaments.
2. Storage – having a cool storage will help you reorganize the things you need around the kitchen. Some of the best storage can be seen during the old times. Go for an antique hunt! Most of the things you need can be seen there.

Wall accents for the kitchen
3. Walls – wall paper can be the best solution but it can cause you a lot than paint. Paint can cover larger area; this means you can save a lot on paint. There are different pint colors to choose from if you want to blend it with the colors of your wall and floors. Creativity counts! You can make wall frames containing your own recipes; you can have it printed and hang it on your kitchen wall.

How to decorate a small kitchen

Every kitchen represents a place for the family, friends, food and fun so you have to make sure that it has a grand design with a huge impact. Today, decorating a kitchen can be easy with the number of designs and techniques available. You shouldn’t be bothered with a big or small kitchen. It is actually not an issue of size but how it is been executed.

Some wonderful ways to decorate a small kitchen are:
Selecting the right color for the kitchen space is vital because it is one of the rooms which will be used by most of the people. You need to select one that will make your kitchen look more spacious and appealing. Bright colors makes a room look more spacious so you can opt for any light colors.

Make sure that the kitchen appliances are chosen with smaller features. If the kitchen appliances are big and gigantic, it will take a lot of space and you won’t be able to add any extra accessories. One of the easiest ways to completely change the look of the kitchen is by putting your appliances to new positions.

It is not necessary to build a number of cupboards in a small kitchen. It will not go along with a small kitchen. It is better to replace them with shelves which are quite handy and you can place almost all of the kitchen appliances. However if you want cupboards, one good idea is to build kitchen cupboards in different heights.

You can also place the table in the corner cubicle instead of a free standing kitchen table. This will open at least half of your dining space. You can also build a table that contains shelving drawers and units below the table where in you can store large items and all the other items that are often used less.

How to Make the Most out of a Small Kitchen?

Having a small kitchen does not mean you do not have a good kitchen. Even though you can’t fill it up with furniture or appliances as compared to what you can place in large one, that doesn’t mean it wont be as functional. You can make the most of your small kitchen if you remodel you small kitchen focusing on visual balance, space utilization and functionality.

Here are some things to consider on how to make the most of a small kitchen:
1. Find ways on how to maximize your storage space

In maximizing your kitchen space, you have to partition your storage spaces and make them achieve multiple functions. For example, a wooden rack can be placed on your window provided that they will not block sunlight. This will allow you to have additional space to display plates or other utensils. Aside from its added functionality it can also serve as a decoration.

Brilliant idea for a small kitchen2. Use Eye Pleasing Colors
Colors can greatly contribute to the overall ambience of your kitchen. It is advisable to use light colors because unlike dark colors, light shades create a visual illusion of having a bigger space. Researches also conclude that light colors can improve a person’s mood.

3. Customize your cabinets
You can also remodel your kitchen cabinets according to how you use them. By maximizing your storage spaces you can free up space for something else. Unused cabinet space should be utilized, if not they should be eliminated.

4. Customize your kitchen furniture
Having a small space may present difficulties in making stuff fit in your kitchen. It may limit you in your choice of appliances and furniture, but you can get through this ordeal by determining what you really need. Eliminate bulky furniture and replace them with a smaller and a more compact one. You may also want to consider portable ones, they offer the same functionality and you can just fold them over when finished.

Small kitchen5. Utilize Lighting effects
Light can greatly influence the ambience of your kitchen. With proper lighting and positioning your kitchen can appear bigger than it really is. The positioning and the intensity of light also contribute to this feat. Using accent lights tends to provide an impression of a larger space. When used properly, lighting effects will surely enhance your kitchen’s harmony and comfort, no matter how small it is. You don’t need to have a large kitchen to achieve full kitchen functionality or visual edge. Make the most out of your kitchen by planning and strategizing on how to boost the room’s efficiency. As long as you place the right things at the right place, you are guaranteed to maximize whatever space you have. It is not how big your kitchen is, it’s how you make use of it.


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Granite kitchen countertop: an excellent choice

These days kitchen is not all about being functional, people nowadays put great effort into kitchen flooring and aesthetics. A very vital aspect of the kitchen is the countertop. This is included as a major concern in designing a kitchen. What countertop should you use? Is it granite, synthetic, or marble? Nowadays, kitchen countertops are the most favored choice even though they can be heavy and expensive.

Top three reasons why a granite kitchen countertop is a very good choice

Granite kitchen countertop1. The looks. Granite is a fine-looking material. It is available in an array of stunning colors, varying from bright, and light to neutral. Granite is also easy to match with other kitchen decors. You would have no difficulty matching any kitchen cabinet to a granite countertop. Your kitchen will naturally benefit form the grandeur, and the lustrous state of your countertop. Granite also comes with natural design and such designs even survive for a long time. These designs are naturally etched on granite and these can be a good backdrop to the whole aesthetics of the kitchen. Just make sure that you will purchase titles that will match these granite designs color and style.

[one_half_first]2. Rich textures. When granite is mined, they are excavated in large blocks. They are later converted into slabs. This property makes the pattern and color of granite largely uniform. There is also a very low chance that dirt will get stuck in cracks as fewer scratches can be made in granite blocks. As a result, granite exhibit a very consistent surface.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

3. Durability. Granite is a hard and very durable rock as it comes form the deeper parts of the earth. It does not get damaged easily and is resistant to radical temperatures, may it be hot or cold. Sealed granite is not prone to any discoloration or even to damages that can be caused by hot kitchenwares. It also does not too much care as its luster will still remain even after many years of usage.

4. A good investment. Even though granite may cost a little more than other countertops, it is still a wise choice as it increases the whole value of your home. A granite countertop assures you a kitchen that does not require too many repairs. Also, when the point comes that you want to sell your house, you can be assured that your kitchen will still be in a very good condition.

Granite countertopYou have a lot of selection for your granite countertop, as seen in decorating magazines. Granite is available as tiles, slabs, as well as in kit forms. Of the three, slabs are the most susceptible to breaking, especially during transportation. Slabs are also prone to cases of mismatching, though these come in minimal risk. The crown favorite is the granite tile. They are simple to handle and very unvarying in style. Granite kitchen countertop is a very good choice due to the comfort and practicability is offers. Furthermore, you can be assured that you will have a reliable countertop for a very long time.

How to Clean Granite Countertops

Granite is definitely one of those strong and durable materials that look lovely when used in countertops. Since the stone alone is not cheap, how much more the installation it took for your countertops to have a majestic appearance. Of course, the very thought of causing damage on your granite countertop is frightening. Not only will replacing your countertop cost you a lot, your mistake on choosing inappropriate cleaning product on granite will also haunt you for the rest of your life. Learn how to clean granite countertops and preserve its look and spotlessness.

Get rid of stains

Whenever a spill happens on your granite countertop, make sure that you attend to it immediately. Even though granite is like any other natural stones that do not usually leave stain, it does not mean that you are safe from stain. A poultice can do wonders when applied to a granite stain. You can also have a mixture of baking soda and rubbing alcohol for stains that are mostly oil, or a mixture of the powder and acetone for water-based stains. After setting the mixture, let it sit overnight and rinse after removing the stain.

Be safe with soap and water

There is actually no need for you to look for specially-made products that are meant for granite countertops. In order to be safe and save a great deal of money, simply use soap and water in cleaning the granite countertops. Any rag or soft towel will do for the wiping of diluted dish soap. Clean as usual and concentrate on the spots where you usually work on. When it comes to choosing cleaning products, if ever you find it necessary, take note that high acidity can lead to scratches. This is why the use of vinegar, even though it is widely recognized as a great cleaning agent, is not a good idea for granite. With a typical dish soap, you can rest assured that etching will not occur for every wipe that you make.

Polish the granite countertops

Buffing up the look of your granite, most especially its shininess, can be done with the help of a chamois. Clean the surface first, then try it on. Baking soda mixed with water will also do some magic. There are also several commercial products that let you polish the granite without too much hassle. However, if you want to keep it simple, why not make a mixture that can be used to polish your countertops? Prepare a spray bottle and fill it up with a mixture of one part rubbing alcohol, three parts clean water, and reasonable drops of your regular dish soap. Spray the mixture and wipe the area afterward. If you do not want your countertops to be slippery, take extra measures on taking it slowly when polishing.

Understanding that will certainly save you money and effort. With the given pointers on how to deal with your precious countertops, you can have the best time keeping them spotless and polished.

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15 Unique Kitchen Decor Ideas You Can Use Today

You do not need to go bankrupt after decorating your kitchen. There simple and inexpensive yet stunning ideas of giving your kitchen that amazing appearance. There are actually various ways of beautifying your kitchen without spending a single cent. All you need to do is to concentrate on the key areas that usually draw the most attention; these include the floors, storage and walls. You can start by changing these 3 areas and your kitchen will magically be transformed. You can thereafter proceed to other areas of the kitchen. Choosing your kitchen theme can be a challenge but this article is supposed to address that with the following simple steps.

  1. Change the Lighting

[one_half_first]Move from the ordinary lighting by introducing new stylish and pendant lights as your kitchen’s focal point. For some long lasting glass pendant lights, you will only need to pay $200 or less. This will definitely not break your bank especially if your current lights are dim. Changing that overhead in your kitchen may sound mysterious but it’s actually very easy. It doesn’t have to be 200 bucks; there are vintage lights worth $20 out there. Don’t forget your under-cabinet lights as well.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]The swing-arm on top of the open shelving not only offer more personality, but also provides an ambient light compared to the track or standard lighting. An average electrician can actually do the job with cords hidden. It is also practical to use the plug-in versions with the dangling cords covered by the cord covers.

  1. Add new Hardware

Enhance the entire kitchen space by upgrading the classic hardware. But even as you go shopping, be sure to keep an eye on the price tag – it accumulates quite fast especially if your kitchen is big. It would be wise to have the number of knobs and pulls at the back of your mind so as to determine whether the hardware you are eyeing on is within your budget. With many pieces available with as low as $10, it is not necessary to blow your budget.

  1. Upgrade your accessories.

Since there are limited chances of doing this kind of decorations, it is wise to use the opportunity that you get to the maximum. Put some of the items that you frequently use are inside a woven tray and display pantry accessories that have pretty packaging on top of your counter.

  1. Repaint Cabinets

Look around your kitchen; are there signs of outdated finish? It is very important to have a personal touch with your kitchen. Think of adding a white color on your kitchen cabinets, preferably white. Try duck egg, warm putty or sage green – all versatile selection will go with different finishes and materials.

A palette of white and black with a bit of metal and wooden accents looks modern and sleek for the kitchen. Paint both your kitchen base and bottom cabinets with island black and let the upper cabinets be white.

  1. Work in rustic elements

Use the farmhouse accents to add character and warmth to your kitchen. Swap the pantry door with hang copper pots or a sliding door. You may also bring in a wooden stool if you like.

  1. Use simple shelves as the storage

Don’t have top cabinets? You can easily use rustic wooden shelves with metal brackets that are cheap and easy to install. They will also provide a clear display space for all your day to day activities and dish storage.

  1. Get Roman Shades for that finished appearance.

The Roman shades provide an elegant appearance to your kitchen and home in general. If you prefer a more cohesive look, have some matching shades prepared for all the glass doors for same room.

  1. Paint the floor

Do you have a wooden floor and it’s not in the most desirable shape? If your floor is not in a very good look and there is no time or money to do a complete refinishing, you can simply paint them. White color can be chic but it will make you a cleaner person. If you need to be more creative, you can try to create a design of your choice on your newly painted floor.

  1. Get rid of the upper cabinet doors

Glass door fronts are ideal for the upper cabinet doors but they can be unaffordable especially if there are many upper kitchen cabinet doors. Alternatively, you can as well get rid of the upper cabinet doors. This is an easy thing to do because you simply need to paint the holes after unscrewing them. This will clearly create a sense of more room in your little kitchen.

  1. Try new dishes

Open counters and shelving are perfect ways of practicing the display art. Be assured you will never go wrong with classic clear glasses and white dishes. But feel free of course to hope around the market till you get what you love.

  1. Introduce a chalkboard Paint into your Fridge

No money to trade in that outdated fridge? No worries, there’s another way out; use chalkboard paint to cover it and for a creative appearance and for fun. This chalkboard paint is multipurpose, as you cook, it will keep the children busy and you can also use it for doodles, inspiring quotes, and grocery list or menu ideas.

  1. Add a rug

Replace the old, ugly laminate floors of your kitchen by covering them with a rug. You can thereafter upgrade to floor tiles which are also easy to install. When it comes to decoration and kitchen in particular, we tend to concentrate on organizing pans and cleaning cupboards and forget that floors occupy the largest part. A beautiful rug is definitely one of the things that will give your kitchen some life. The only issue is that a rug is likely to get dirty. So, your choice should be around easy to clean fabrics and cheap enough so that they can easily be thrown away once they get dirty.

One of the most ideal kitchen rugs is the oriental rugs – they are just perfect for the kitchen area. The truth is, these throw away rugs are affordable and easy to clean. This makes them perfect for kitchens that require a little texture.

  1. Replace the Faucet

This is clearly a straightforward and simple kitchen upgrading technique especially if you are in a rental house. Anyone can clearly be able to do it. Although faucets can be really expensive, you can get a faucet at $80 – very little investment for a stuff that you will use on daily basis.

A 4-Hole Ashfield design faucet will cost you $ 159.95 at amazon. Although the design is a little bit traditional, it is suitable for the modern porcelain sinks as well as the general farmhouse style of your kitchen. So, the first step when it comes to faucet replacement is choosing the replacement. Take a look at your sink and identify the number of holes it has. There are faucets out there in the market that have in-built sprayer and soap dispenser.

  1. Replace your dish rack

Replace your cheap wooden dish racks with some heavy duty ones from a reputable company. Wooden dish racks will cost you even more money because of the constant replacement. It makes even more sense for individuals without dishwasher to own a reliable dish rack. The dish rack also looks good as it sits on the counter.

The Bamboo Dish Rack is one of the best in terms of design and durability. The dish is made from natural bamboo coated with waterproof and rust-proof aluminum. Among the notable features include a drainage system made of drip tray and swivel spout under the cup holders so as to direct water towards the sink. There are also cup holders that are located along the inner frame, and there is also a place for holding the knives and utensils.

  1. Cover the ugly countertops

Changing the countertops is not an easy task – it’s close to extreme makeover. In order to improve whatever you have, try some new tips. Of course you may not be able to do permanent transformation if you are a renter. So, simply cover your kitchen countertop with a huge cutting board. It’s not only functional but also eye-catchy.

There are some people who also opt to paint their countertops to completely change their look. This is an affordable technique and particularly easy to implement. The entire painting process can cost you $60.

Use another technique to cover them up. This means you have to be creative and think outside the box. For instance, there are people who use vinyl tiles with a grout layer to cover the countertop.

Finally, if you cannot stand the look of your countertops, then you may as well replace them completely. Of course there are affordable techniques of replacing countertops out there. This is true if there are only a few linear spaces to be covered and you are in a position to do some of the job for yourself.

Brilliant idea for a small kitchen

There are lots of unique kitchen idea you can use; you just need to blend your own concept with other ideas you can see in home magazines and books. If you are not working, you can still work on improving your kitchen. You just need to think of more ideas to help you conceptualize and have a great outcome. One of the most famous concepts these days are the green and organic concept. Its main purpose is to recycle anything in the kitchen that can still be used. Like in the case of bottles, most of them are disposed off after use; they can still be used as a kitchen ornament. In the case of cans, you can still use it to plant herbs or spices.

There are lots of things in the kitchen which you can still use for other things. Thinking green is not a talent; it is having the heart for nature. It can also be a great tool to help you save a lot. Utilizing your imagination will help you make a lot of meaningful things you can still use within the house. You can also make use of this particular scene to bond with the whole family. Let your children help you in creating meaningful designs out of garbage.

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7 Country Kitchen Décor Tips for Modern Home Styling

There are lots of modernized kitchen with an inviting design. Most home makers today stays longer in the kitchen than in any part of the house. Making your kitchen an inviting place to stay can be very helpful especially if you are always cooking for the family. This will encourage you to cook more great tasting foods without being tired. Redesigning your home with a country kitchen style can be great. You can make it look warm by reorganizing it with style.

Country style kitchen décorOld fashioned country decorations looks more cozy than modern designs. You can combine both the old-fashioned and the modernized designs through an effective concept you must build. In making an effective and powerful design for your home, you can try the following:

1. Make your floors look like an effective country; by adding rugs, you can make an effective country kitchen look. You can also walk there with bare foot because it feels comfortable.

2. Use warm colors on the wall; by putting on some warm-colored paints or wallpaper, you can easily make your wall look cozy and attractive.

3. Making your storage space as a part of the kitchen décor is also a nice idea; wood cabinets, wooden baker’s cabinet and other wood-inspired items can be used to enhance the look of your kitchen.

Country styled kitchen4. Adding a few old-fashioned items will be helpful; there are lots of furniture and fixtures you can use to add details to your kitchen. Just make sure you will not over-decorate it.

5. Display your collections; putting on some of your kitchen collections can be very exciting. You will be able to fix your stuffs and display it in one of the most important part of the house; which is the kitchen.

Making a country kitchen is not as hard as you think

You can easily do this by using your creativity. Mixing old things and modern ones can be fun but make sure you will not overdo this because it may not be so nice to look at an over-decorated place. You do not need to spend a lot on reorganizing your kitchen. All you need is some sense of artistry; it can help you a lot.

Country styled kitchen
This is very easy to do especially if you are living in an old house or a house made of wood. A country style has something to do with woods; it will make your kitchen look like new without overdoing it. You can start with minor renovations and then continuously add something new whenever you have the means to buy new items for decorating purposes. Antiques and other wood products will enhance and complete the look of your kitchen. There are lots of magazines and books for home renovation which you might want to try. They provide lots of tips which you can adapt to make an affective country kitchen look.

Tile your kitchen counter tops easily

Adding tiles to your kitchen top makes it look inviting and attractive. It also makes your kitchen clean. Changing the looks of your kitchen can be done in few, easy steps; here are some of the most helpful steps you can use:

Granite countertop1. You have an option; by removing the existing counter tops or you can simply overlap it by putting new set of tiles. You can also choose to put in plywood first before putting the new set of tiles.

2. Choose among easy to apply and quick dry tile adhesive.

3. The next thing to do is to apply a tile grout. Use damp sponge to smoothen the application of tile grout.

Green painted countertop
Applying tiles on a kitchen counter top will give accent to your kitchen. It will give a whole new look to your old and dull kitchen top. Choose among colored tiles available in the market today. Most of the tiles today are fancy and can be easily mixed up with curtains and wall paints.

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Tuscan Kitchen Idea for Your Home Decorating

More people these days find the thought of redecorating their homes with a Tuscan kitchen idea. If you have been longing to have a cozy kitchen decoration, you can easily do it now. Tuscan kitchen has been the decorating trend in most homes, nowadays; because you can easily celebrate the goodness in life in the comforts of your own homes. Redecorating your home is not as expensive as it was before. With Tuscan kitchen idea, you can easily make your kitchen functional even in special occasions. With a few paint and simple touches, you can turn your kitchen into a trendy one.
Tuscany kitchen styled
After a stressful day at work, the idea of a quiet evening at home is more pleasing with an inspired Tuscan kitchen idea. Today’s entertaining features of a kitchen will be very different from before. Being the center of the festivity, not any person will be stuck in it preparing for food all day while everyone else stays in the living room. The idea of Tuscan kitchen is to share the rest of the day with your friends, family and colleagues. Delegating chores with your visitors can be fun and exciting. Sharing a glass of wine and preparing meals together is the idea of Tuscan kitchen decorations.
Tuscany style bedroom
Tuscan inspired kitchen should have an old world look. A faux paint can be used to achieve that look. There are books and magazines you can use as a reference; all of them usually teach how to make a Tuscan inspired kitchen in few simple steps. There are also Tuscan kitchen tools and furniture which you can choose from; all of them can be bought at a very affordable price. The warmer your kitchen looks, the more you can incline friends and family to come over. A great Italian inspired Tuscan kitchen is one perfect example of an inviting kitchen.

Color blending: Tuscan kitchen

You can start with the color blending of the walls and cabinets. Drawing the colors of nature will be helpful for your painting ideas. Tuscan kitchen idea is not about how expensive your furniture is. It is not about how much you have spent in redecorating kitchen. It is about how you blend the colors and how much you have adored the touch of the old world.

The walls and floors of a Tuscan kitchen are merely inspired by old stuff-like quarry tiles and the likes. Since it is hard to find, nowadays, and may cost you a lot, you can just replace it with a rug with an old stone design. Working on your creativity will help you a lot in making your kitchen an ideal place for family gathering. You should try to visit a bookstore and check on Tuscan inspired kitchen magazines and books; they will provide you with lots of interesting and useful ideas you can use without spending a lot.

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How I Improved My Kitchen Islands In One Easy Lesson

A kitchen has become the focal point in any home where members of the household come together to eat and share their day with others. It is a common behavior to get into the kitchen and greet whoever is usually working in there getting meals ready for the day.

All the food is held in the kitchen; water and many other consumables are stocked there either in the fridge or the cabinets, hence the necessity to dive in and out of the place makes it a perfect target for the elements of the family to just gather up, grab something to drink and start chatting with mom; dad or whoever’s there getting breakfast / lunch or supper ready.

To install an island your kitchen should have a width of at least 13 feet. You also have to take into account various factors like, if there is enough walk space between the island and the cabinets, whether you can open all the doors including cabinets and appliances, whether you have space to include bar stools or chairs. Kitchens that are G, U or L shaped are best suited for installing islands.This is not only a situation occurring on family environments. Even close friends or certain guests would rather spend their time with you chatting in the kitchen while you work, instead of waiting for you in the living room or any other place of the house you had destined to receive guests.

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How to Clean Coffee Maker with Vinegar

Isn’t it fulfilling to start each morning with a cup of coffee? Those who love coffee surely have made it possible for them to keep a coffee maker in the kitchen. But then again, much like any other appliance that comes worn and torn, a coffee maker deserves frequent cleaning. While many coffee lovers simply focus on cleaning the pot where the coffee is deposited, it has to be noted that the entire machine must be cleaned properly.

A great way to clean your coffee maker is by means of vinegar. It is very safe to use vinegar because it is free from any toxic residue. Learn how to clean coffee maker with vinegar and have a good run of it each time you want to have coffee.

Soak the coffee maker in vinegar
Fill in a container with two-part vinegar and one-part water. This will be the solution you are going to use for the rest of the cleaning process. Take the coffee pot and soak it with vinegar. If you happen to have a mesh filter, clean it also. While letting the solution sit in to break down most of the grime, concentrate on cleaning the base heating element and the exterior of the coffee maker.

Fill in the reservoir with vinegar and turn the machine on
After soaking, fill in the reservoir where you usually pour water when brewing with vinegar. Ensure that you do not let the vinegar solution spill over from the reservoir of the coffee maker. Position the coffee pot back to where it should be. Turn the machine on so that the vinegar can clean the machine thoroughly. After running the coffee maker, rinse the accumulated junk off the mesh filter, if you have one.

Spill out the vinegar
Take the coffee pot out of the machine and spill out any remaining amount of vinegar. Get rid of any particle left in the coffee pot. Afterward, rinse the coffee pot and make sure that no more particle can be seen.

Have another round of cleaning
With the remaining vinegar solution that you have, fill in the reservoir and turn the machine on. This repetition of the process will guarantee that the coffee maker is definitely clean. You can also scrub the coffee maker to remove any remaining residue. Once you have done some more cycle of the cleaning with the use of vinegar, run the entire machine with pure water.

With the given simple steps, all you have to do next is to regularly clean your coffee maker. Just always be certain about the cleanliness of the machine to produce a higher quality of brewed coffee. Vinegar may have an unpleasant smell but it is proven to work at its best on being an effective cleaning agent.

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How to Avoid Accidents in the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most interesting parts of a house. Here, you can work on miracles like turning that chunk of beef into a delicious dish of beef curry. It is almost perfect until you realize how many dangers are lurking in the corner of your kitchen. You can get scalded, blistered, cut, stabbed, burned and poisoned while working in the kitchen. That is you if you are not careful and you don’t know how to avoid accidents in the kitchen.

Check some of the following tips that may help you on how to avoid having accidents in the kitchen:

• If you are going to work in the kitchen, you have to focus on it. Don’t leave something on the stove unattended. You might forget that something is in the oven or stove and that increases the risk of your food getting burned, or worse, fires.

• Have that pot holder nearby if you are going to handle food heated from the microwave and others. If you take it with your bare hands, you might not stand the heat and end up toppling over the pot or pan you are holding.

• Wipe wet areas dry at once to prevent accidents like slipping.

• If a pan is on fire, don’t use water to extinguish it. Turn off the stove. It is recommended to use a fire extinguisher at this instance, or if a fire extinguisher isn’t available, soak a towel in water and place it on top of the burning pan.

• Don’t try making a flambé or putting wine in something you are cooking if you don’t know how to do it. It may cause a fire.

• Keep the knives in the drawer and lock it. This is to avoid children reaching the knives and hurting themselves.

• When handling a knife, use your common sense. When someone asks you to pass it to them give them the handle, not the point. They may not be looking and grab the knife and may hurt themselves if you gave them the pointed end.

• Lock away chemicals in hard to reach places, better yet lock them away so that curious children won’t have access to them.

• Have a ladder in handy if you want to reach something above. Using chairs can cause accidents like toppling down and may lead to serious injuries.

• If you are using liquefied petroleum gas for cooking, know how to avoid accidents in the kitchen if ever that LPG tank leaks. Leaks from LPG tanks are easy to detect because of the distinct smell it emits. Do not turn on any electrical appliances or light a match for this can lead to explosion. If the odor is too strong, call the fire department immediately for assistance.

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How to Become a Certified Kitchen Designer

When it comes to knowing how to become a Certified Kitchen Designer, you have to understand that it is not your ordinary profession. This kind of specialized certification is given by the National Kitchen and Bath Association.
So what does a Certified Kitchen Designer do? Basically, a CKD goes beyond the scope of a decorator. A CKD works with the interior architecture and surface look of its client’s kitchen. Different types of designs may be executed depending on the needs of the client. Once the CKD comes up with a plan based on what the clients want to have, they have to review it cooperatively before finalizing any detail. If you like to become one, here are the easy steps.

Gain specialized experience
Just like with other jobs, it would be better if you have already gained specialized experience. Especially since a certification is involved here, you must have worked as an intern or apprentice with an interior decorator or even a CKD. In principle, any experience relating to kitchen designing may work out fine.

Go to the website of National Kitchen and Bath Association
You need to apply for being a CKD. Simply visit the website of National Kitchen and Bath Association and look for the application pages. Take note that there are those that are particularly for customer and professional recommendation. Ask for a recommendation from your previous clients or any other professional whom you have worked with. While you are on the website, look for the date of the next CKD exam. Prepare for the necessary examination fee. Late fees will be accepted but an extra late fee will be included. Recommendations must be done with at least twelve-week allowance considered before the exam starts. Late applicants can wait for the next CKD exam.

Review for the examination
It is best that you gather the study notes that you had during your training and any other related courses about kitchen design. The exam may also touch on the latest technologies in kitchen architecture and design. Always read the news and browse through online articles where you can be well-informed about kitchen design. You can also attend online classes and seminars that will guide you on refreshing your memory about important aspects and techniques in the field of kitchen design.

Once you have followed the given steps, you simply need to wait for the results of the examination. If it is fortunate for you to have passed the certification exam, you can then be called as a Certified Kitchen Designer. If you did not make it, you can still try other levels of certification offered by the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

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How to Clean Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals should be constantly cleaned to avoid a dirty environment accompanied with a foul odor. Inside one’s home, the kitchen is expected to be the cleanest and most well-maintained area. This is where food is stored and cooked. It is also the place where the family gathers together to eat their meal every day, the only place where they typically see each other even with their busy schedules. This is also the place where guests congregate and overflow when there is an event hosted by the owner of the house.

Aside from those mentioned previously, the kitchen serves as an area where different activities are done; therefore, it is essential to keep the kitchen as clean and fresh smelling as possible. Consequently, cleaning the kitchen properly and frequently happens to be one of the many things to be remembered every day.

Garbage disposals are mostly made of metal cylinders equipped with rotating impellers. The insides of a garbage disposal can rapidly become enclosed with sludge and debris, causing these unsuitable items to be stuck inside the drain. Glass, metal, rubber objects and stringy food materials need to be physically removed from the garbage disposal which is an easier thing to do compared to having something removed from the inside of the drain. Thus, items that become stuck or left inside the garbage disposal will breed odor-causing bacteria and cause the malfunction of the garbage disposal if no appropriate action is taken immediately.

How to clean garbage disposal requires suitable materials as well as proper safety handling. Hot water should be poured in the garbage disposal every day, and adding a small amount of liquid detergent helps make some suds to further aid in the cleaning. By turning on the garbage disposal, the water will flush right through it, cleansing the insides of the apparatus. Both the hot water and the detergent should loosen and remove the dirt left in the disposal, even those that might have clogged inside. Remove the drain and scrub away the remaining dirt by using a small scrub brush.

Once you are sure that it is clean inside, replace the drain of the garbage disposal. Cleaning the garbage disposal also includes freshening the apparatus. Grinding ice cubes by placing several cubes in the drain and grinding those helps clean the cutting blades in the garbage disposal. Also, to add a little bit of scent to the kitchen area, add rinds of any citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits) in the drain with the ice cubes.

Cleaning the garbage disposal at least once a week, if not at a daily basis, using the previously mentioned methods will help keep it free from dirt causing bacteria and also mold. It is always better to have a clean and odor-fee kitchen environment.

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How to Choose Under Cabinet Lighting

If you are a homeowner, it is important that you choose under cabinet lighting correctly. The reason for this is so that your kitchen can have proper lighting and will not cause a problem when you are using the room at night. In addition, there are also some places in your kitchen that don’t get proper light. Because of this, you will not be able to cut your vegetables properly or you can even get into some accidents in the kitchen.

The secret you need to know on how to choose under cabinet lighting can be overwhelming at times. This is largely due to the fact that there are so many different types of lights that you can now find in the hardware store, not to mention the several different colors. For this, here are some things you need to know about them:

• Types– The first thing you need to know about under cabinet lighting is that there are three basic types. The most common type is the stand alone since they are xenon, halogen, or fluorescent. A linear low voltage is composed of small strips with a small xenon or halogen light bulb. Lastly, the third is called button lights or puck lights. This third type is a small hockey puck sized light which makes use of either halogen or xenon bulbs.

• Size– This is the next important thing you need to consider. While sizes for this are usually the same, they can differ with every brand. Some examples of the available lights are the 13”, 18”, 21”, 30”, and 39”. When choosing the right size for your under cabinet lighting, you should not only choose the one which is the same as the dimensions of your cabinet. The reason for this is because you will normally have a lesser space than its full size. A good example for this is when you have a 30” cabinet. You might think about putting a 28” width light underneath so that the fixture can be mounted. When this happens, you might make do with a fixture which measures 21”. Just to be sure, you should make sure what the right size is before you buy the under cabinet light.

• Wiring– This is one of the last things you need to consider when you choose under cabinet lighting. You should choose whether you want a plug in light or the models which are hard-wired. However, when it comes to this decision, some electrical skills and knowledge are needed. If you don’t have either, you can hire an electrician to install hard-wiring lights for you.

Remember, it is important that you make sure you get an informed decision about the type of under cabinet lighting you will need. In addition, you also need to assess your Do-It-Yourself skills for this purpose so you can avoid unwanted circumstances. A poorly wired connection can cause fire to your home. If you want to be safe, you can always get the expertise of a professional so you can sit back and wait until the lighting has been installed.

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How to Choose Kitchen Colors

Your kitchen is the area in your home where you prepare and cook your food. Often, it serves as a venue for bonding moments with your family. You and your kids learn how to make special dishes and mouth-watering deserts in the kitchen while discussing school activities. Also, this area of your home functions as a space for good talks and good laughs with your friends while baking cakes and pastries. In short, countless moments are spent in the kitchen, most especially for moms. Regardless of the different activities you have in the other areas of your house, people always have the tendency to go to the kitchen. Hence, this is an area that should not only be maintained clean and sanitized, but should also stand out.

When planning designs for your precious kitchen, you surely want to have it done with utmost consideration and attention to details. You want your very important room to look the way you want it to be. You would, indeed, want to be careful in picking out the colors, too. Here are tips on how to choose kitchen colors with the purpose of helping you achieve your desired kitchen atmosphere that is as fresh and inspiring as a garden:
• Shades of red like the color of tomatoes and apples could be a good idea with some hints of black. Imagine a red watermelon with small black seeds on it. It could work well in your kitchen.

• If you want bright colors, you can do well with yellow, orange and green resembling that of lemons, tangerines and limes. These colors teamed up with wood flooring and white appliances can create a lively and fun place to be.

• Brown hues of countertops and wood floors combined with the color ideas of orange tomatoes, summer squash and green bell pepper provides warmth in the overall atmosphere of your kitchen.

• The deep color of purple like that of an eggplant could as well create a majestic feel in your kitchen, adorned with stainless appliances, dark countertops with crumbs or hints of purple or gray. The dark green color like that of the tip of an eggplant can mirror an elegant look when accentuated with deep purple highlights.

• Colors of an herb garden shouldn’t also be ignored. The ideas of using the color of herb plants’ various green shades like that of a basil, and light lavender hues of subtle blossoms can come up with a very lovely color scheme.

• Hues of the less bright colored garden harvests like the cantaloupe, cauliflower and corn can also be an inspiration in creating a distinctive color scheme, same with the colors of onion and garlic.

• The dark brownish color of the fertile soil on which various fruits and veggies grow, could serve as your prime color or you could use it as a subtle shade on which your other chosen colors can combine to.

Using the inspiration of a garden abundant in fruits or vegetables is truly a nice starting point on how to choose kitchen colors.

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How to Clean a Refrigerator

A refrigerator is a cooling appliance where food is stored and is used to reduce the rate of spoilage of food. It is the core of the kitchen. All families depend on it to store all perishable foods safely until they are ready to be used and cooked. Unfortunately, not all families know how to take care of their refrigerator like stuffing it full with food and forgetting about the leftovers. There are even spills from mayonnaise, ketchup or other liquid components of food that crystallize or cause stains inside the refrigerator. Even worse, forgotten rotten food inside can give off an unpleasant odor.

It takes time when cleaning the refrigerator. There is a specific set of instructions on how to properly clean a refrigerator since it is one of the many appliances in the household that needs to be handled with utmost care. Before starting to clean the refrigerator, turn off the temperature-control knob inside. If the refrigerator has a drip pan underneath, also remove it for cleaning. The next step is to take all the food and other contents out of the refrigerator. Properly segregate them by throwing away any food that is moldy or spoiled. Take all the removable parts out of the refrigerator, including the shelves, wire racks and drawers, etc. Place them all in the sink filled with warm, soapy water, hand-wash them, and then rinse them in warm water again. Let these removable parts drain in a dish rack, on paper towels or on newspapers.

Also, remove any food matter from the bottom of the refrigerator. Wash and rinse the inside of the refrigerator with a sponge or dishcloth and with warm water. Once this step is done, place all shelves, wire racks and drawers back inside the refrigerator. In addition to how to clean refrigerator, wash the outside of the refrigerator and the gasket with warm, soapy water, rinse and wipe dry. Once the entire cleaning is done, turn the temperature control knob inside the refrigerator back to the recommended setting and return the food to the refrigerator.

There are several easy steps on how to properly maintain the cleanliness of the refrigerator, like wiping up spills immediately and throwing out rotten food every week. It is necessary to clean the refrigerator to ensure the freshness and the safety of the food. Additional tips include cleaning condenser coils, which are usually located in the front of the refrigerator behind a metal plate near the floor, by vacuuming them constantly (like on a monthly basis) to prevent dust buildup. Also, one thing to take note of is by avoiding the use of harsh cleaners or rubbing pads in cleaning the refrigerator. Odor removers are also helpful in the overall cleaning of the refrigerator which includes toothpaste, baking soda, charcoal, and coffee.

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How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Having the right kitchen cabinets inside your kitchen area is a must for all smart homeowners. Selecting the perfect kitchen cabinets for one’s home is one thing while keeping them spotless and looking new is another. There are many handy tips on how to keep kitchen cabinets looking brand new and beautifully maintained. It takes a lot of time and effort but it’s very fulfilling to keep these kitchen cabinets looking good as new.

How to clean kitchen cabinets depends on how you schedule your cleaning. It can be a quick and easy task or it can even take the entire day long depending on how long it has been since the last time you cleaned them. The difficulty is that grease, food particles, smoke and anything else circulating through the air inside the kitchen area sticks to the kitchen cabinets, thus causing them to get dirty. A mild dishwashing liquid is suggested to be the most excellent kitchen cabinet cleaning product. Although there are many kinds of all-purpose household cleaner or even the natural remedies used for cleaning, a mild dishwashing liquid is more advisable because it cuts grease but does not create any additional buildup to make the kitchen cabinets feel sticky.

When cleaning kitchen cabinets, pay particular attention to the area around cabinet door handles and drawer pulls since these places are inclined to be the stickiest. Removing cabinet hardware before the general cleaning is necessary to help make cleaning around these areas easier. How to clean kitchen cabinets does not only involve keeping them clean but also making them pleasing to the eye. Thus, making them shiny by buffing them with furniture wax adds to the cleaning procedure.

The following are some easy steps to prevent a regular cleaning which is difficult to squeeze in especially in one’s busy schedule. Also, these steps will not only save time intended for cleaning but will help extend the life of the kitchen cabinets making them look as brand new as the first day they were bought. One tip is to immediately clean liquid or food spills in kitchen cabinets, especially if they are made of wood. Another tip is to pick up items rather than sliding them across surfaces to avoid scratches. These tips may seem ordinary but with a little patience and a simple cleaning routine, kitchen cabinets can be maintained in perfect condition for years to come.

Once the kitchen cabinets are cleaned, end the cleaning procedure by a periodic wipe down in order to not go through the entire process of cleaning again. A typical homeowner would opt for wood-made kitchen cabinets with a catalyzed conversion varnish since this type only needs to be cleaned occasionally by wiping the cabinet with a damp cloth and drying it with a soft cloth. In point of fact, it does not matter what your kitchen cabinets are made of as long as you keep them clean and tidy.

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How to repair kitchen faucet

Man is as ever the advocate of cleanliness and hygiene with the use of running water. This idea is especially true in our modern age, as faucets find their way in almost any critical area that would need water as a cleaning agent. Kitchen sinks are just one of those areas, and if you want them to continue functioning properly you may want to do know some ways to fix these important outlets of running water and repair kitchen faucets.

There are many kinds and designs for faucets, so a standard way of repairing all of these faucets is just impossible. But remember, the mechanisms for all faucets remain nearly the same. This is where we will focus our repairing methods.

For the simplest method of repairing faucets, always remember to keep extra parts for the faucets. This is so that you can immediately replace a defective part once it is found. A handful of washers, nuts, bolts, screws and o-rings can really prove helpful once you needed a quick part replacement. If in case you find that there is actually no need to replace the part, just rearrange the parts properly to ensure that the faucet mechanism runs properly and is intact.

Know that the parts needed for each type of faucet would be different from the other. If you have to repair kitchen faucets, be sure that you keep the exact type of part that is well compatible. The older type of faucet is the compression type. It uses a single hand turning mechanism to open and close valves using a simple mechanism that is held by screws and bolts. The likeliness to leak results from the constant pressure that it receives from its constant attempt to stop the water using the strength of the valve.

If the problem lies in the pipe that leads to the faucet, you simply have to apply the proper sealant to put things into place again. Make sure that you use a sealant that can be used in the water, or just try to turn off the home water pump first. Do not use the water from the kitchen faucet until the sealant totally dries up well into the damaged pipe.

That solves most of the problems concerning the overflow of water, but what about if the water doesn’t flow well into the faucet? Check the aerator to see if things are still running in good condition. This is the device that regulates the pressure of the water to the air pressure to let the water flow freely into pipe going to the faucet. If you see heavy mineral build up, then that would be reason for our clogged faucet. Scrub it well with a toothbrush too remove the mineral deposits, and to allow the water to flow freely again into the aerator.

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