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How to Become a Fashion Designer


Being a fashion designer seems to be an overrated career. It seems to be a dream out of reach for some. There are people out there with the talent and passion, but can’t afford to go to prestige fashion design schools. If they really want to pursue this career, the first thing you need is patience. A lot patience to be exact, and determination.

So where do we begin? If you are serious about your ambition to become a fashion designer, you can start by getting track of current fashion trends. Reading fashion magazines and watching fashion channels can give you great ideas.

Get a sketchpad and different grades of pencils. H-grade pencils are ideal for drawing outlines, B-grade pencils are for shading. If you don’t know how to draw, practice. You would still need this skill even if CAD is already available for use in fashion designing. Draw sketches of your original designs. If you plan to enroll at fashion schools, you may be required to submit a portfolio of your original designs. If you can, also learn how to use CAD.

Another skill you have to develop is dressmaking. Take a sewing class. Learning to sew may not be mandatory, but if you want to understand how a dress is made, and delve deeper into the mechanics of a dress, this could help. If you also want to make a sample of your design, sewing would be a very useful skill.

You would also need creativity and originality. How to become a fashion designer is difficult if you don’t have these.

If you want to be sure you can get into the industry, having a fashion design education is your investment. You do not need to be at a really prestige fashion school to get your place in the fashion industry. A two-year course in fashion design is already a start, but you still have to work on continuing education if you want to get a promotion.

Internship will give you experience, so get one if you can. This can also lead to the company hiring you once you have graduated. This is a step on how to become a fashion designer.

At first, expect that you will not earn much. If you want promotion in a company, get continuing education and degrees in other related fields such as marketing and advertising. Expect to work long hours, and be ready to cope with stress. Dealing with colleagues is another thing. Be as courteous and friendly as possible.

Working for a company or being self-employed is your employment option. For starters, you may not get that job you want at first. People on top also started from the bottom of the ladder.

If you choose the path of a fashion designer, be ready to fail. The competition in fashion industry is stressful, and some quit because they can’t cope with it. Failing is not at all a bad thing; you cannot be successful if you don’t know how to accept failure.

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