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How to Eliminate Cigarette Odour from Clothes


The more cigarettes smoke in a day, the higher your risk of lung cancer, hypertensions, cataract, allergies and many more diseases that can cause death. Cigarette odor, unmistakable, spreading widely in cars, and in any parts of the house, and business. Government health agencies with the coordination of some private sectors are making ways to battle the problems in regards with the cigarette smoking. They use different promotions through the different media outlets to give health advisory to the public.

One major problem in cigarette smoking is how to eliminate cigarette odour from clothes and inside the house especially from carpets furniture, walls and clothes or sometimes even the smell in your breath. The use of commercial aerosol air fresheners is not the most practical way to do. They are quite expensive and do not deliver on the promises they are promoting.

It can really be really irritating when after a night out an expensive signature dress you are wearing smells like cigarette smoke but it is really not dirty or stained, just smelly. Dry cleaning it is quite expensive.

There are simple tips on how to eliminate cigarette odour from clothes.
• Just place the dress in the dryer. Place one or more dryer sheets inside of dryer according to strength of smoke odor, place some dryer sheets for a stronger smoke odor. Turn on the dryer. Next is to tumble dry the dress with dryer sheets for about a minute. Take out and smell. If the smoke smell is still there, repeat the first procedure. You can do it as much as three times.

• Another way to eliminate cigarette odor from clothes is to wash and dry the clothes with a clothes’ softener, such as Downy. Add a half to a full cup of it mix with little amount of water, spray all the clothes and let it dry.

• Another cigarette odor eliminator is by using white vinegar. For strong and stubborn odors, add a cup of vinegar and half-cup of baking soda to your wash. Again, use fabric sheets in the dryer to help freshen your clothes and to eliminate the cigarette odor. For the really, really strong and stubborn cigarette smoke odors, soak the clothes overnight in a strong solution of vinegar and water, then wash and dry as usual. After washing, hang them to dry outdoor in the fresh air.

• The most basic and simple step to eliminate cigarette odor from clothes is to put and soak the clothes in warm water with few drop of clothes’ softener and laundry detergent overnight. Whirl it around the next morning. Then soak it again with the same eliminators for about 30 minutes. Wash and wring the clothes out well and hand it outside somewhere to air dry.

But if the above procedures do not work out with the stubborn odor from your clothes or cannot be wash again for the nth time in a washing machine or too lazy to do some hand washing, you may consider dry cleaning or steam dry your expensive clothing.

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