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Proof That Interior Design Training Is Exactly What You Are Looking For


Interior Design is a career involved with anything; space, windows, finishes, doors, furnishings, furniture, walls and lights. Interior designers use these essentials to polish an efficient, practical, secure and pleasurable area for the user of the building.

The specialty areas and opportunities for an Interior Designer are limitless, especially for an outstanding one. To acquire the skills and knowledge needed for this line of work, one needs to go through training.

If you are a person who is beginning in this world and you would like to know what step you should take next; this article is for you.


Postsecondary education, particularly a bachelor’s degree, is ideal for positions in interior design. Through the modern technology of the Internet, taking up these courses at your own homes is not impossible anymore.

Several outlying schools extend online interior design training which allows students to merit their credentials at their ease. They offer different programs beneficial for the career of Interior designing such as drawing, perspective, spatial planning, furniture design, architecture and many more.


Growing as an Interior Designer


Most designers require licenses for their Interior designers, if they want to work legally. A sector called the NCIDQ manages a licensing exam. A contender needs to have completed the minimum of six years of combined training and experience in the field, where at least two years comprises postsecondary education.

An NCIDQ which is earned by an examinee, who succeeds in taking the exam, may specify that he is a certificate holder. This is most of the time associated with the capacity to practice.


These accreditations are dispensed and awarded within the Interior Design field and are unnecessary in the preparation of construction drawings, application for building permits or supervision of construction.

Another interesting fields are environmental psychology, product design, traditional decoration and architecture; this is disciplines from where the work of a designer hauls upon.

They make plans for spaces of almost all kinds of structures such as schools, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants and private dwellings; just to mention a few. Interior design covers various disciplines and necessitates; learning in science and technology, and also, being motivated.

These disciplines within the vocation of interior design include specialized performance, structure and function, presentation skills, special group needs, promotional disciplines and disciplines implying culture.

A Fantastic World In Front!


At present, architectural detailing including floor plans, home renovations, and construction codes are required for interior designer knowledge. Competition in this highly-waged profession is immense.

While this profession requires expertise, good training will prepare you for a more successful career ahead. And there is no better training than the one you get on your own at College.

But no, I do not speak of any university, but of the University of Life. Training in interior design can be carried out in many amiable ways.

Not long ago I discovered that there are communities dedicated to interior design where members are challenged. Buildings totally alien to the laws of physics, as well as huge rooms full of small details. When you convert interior and exterior design into a game; although it costs you to believe it, it is in those moments where more you develop your creativity.


For this I want to talk about two games that personally helped me a lot. Both are very famous and surely you know them, I’m talking about: The Sims and Minecraft.

These games have something wonderful in common: you can build a house from scratch. And I do not mean a simple house, no. These video games immerse you in the world of interior and exterior design but in terms totally different from those that teach you in college.

And the main reason why they helped me was because before, my work tool, that is; my computer, was not powerful enough to handle the programs needed for interior design.

But that obstacle helped me a lot to know computer science, at least at the hardware level, with my own hands arm my current workstation.

Knowing Your Working Tool, What do you need to design?

Just as the career in the university is an investment that opens the doors to the world at a professional level; your work tool is what will allow you to exploit to the maximum the knowledge acquired through the classes, courses and videos tutorials.

For the interior design there is a range of processors that has caught our attention. Remember, interior design programs really require a good processor. It is true that the amount of RAM is also very important, and contrary to what many think; graphic memory is not crucial for all design programs.

Therefore, you are beginning to apply your knowledge at the business level to subsist with your profession; these are the most suitable characteristics that your computer should have as a working tool:

• Ryzen 7 1700
• 16 GB DDR4 RAM (2400 Mhz)
• RX 480 2 GB
• Power Supply 500 W | Bronze Plus

As you can see, to get the most out of your training in interior design; you must have a good working tool.

But the important thing is to know how to properly focus your budget. The important thing is a good processor and enough RAM to work in a good way. Note that the motherboard of your computer must be able to make a transfer of data equal to or greater than that of your RAM; never less to them, otherwise you will not really take advantage of the speed of the same ones.

It is true that aesthetics is important, but it leaves in the background the appearance of the case, the keyboard and the mouse. You could even leave the power supply in the background if you buy a video card that does not need to be connected. Instead, all that money can be spent on a good tablet. This computer may not allow you to perform 100% fluid animations.

So maybe you should consider investing a little more in a graphic card with more memory, however; these characteristics that I present you are equivalent to a budget no greater than $ 800.

And you can spend less money if obvious for now the power supply and add 3 RAM of 4 GB each.

How to get the most out of your investment?

You can start from scratch and still grow into a great company. Never doubt it.

The important thing is to know how to recognize the needs of the market. Remember that you do not need to limit yourself to one company. You do not need a 9 – 5 schedule to practice your profession, and you do not even need to leave your home.

Use your free time to continue training in different areas, different markets; interior design of tropical hotel rooms, hotel rooms within the city, jobs for city hall.

All these are fields that constantly need to renew their interior because it is the way they reach their customers or sponsor their events. But many times you will find many interior designers competing with you in those same fields, so the best way is to look for another approach.

Contact the company that sells the furniture to the hotels, find out which company will be in charge of the lighting in the big events.

Offering your dossier to these companies will help you get work faster than if you offer your dossier to a hotel. And do not forget: The architects are your best allies to be able to grow.

Without being employed by someone else and without being the boss of another person; try to form a group with an architect, a good photographer and if possible, someone who speaks another language like Spanish, Portuguese or French.

That way, you will cover the entire American continent; since you can better understand the customers of Canada and the customers of Brazil. The interior design market in Spain is also having a good time.

Most important of all, and never forget this, never stop learning. Continue growing as a person and as a professional at all times.


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