How to Become Organized

Overwhelmed by the clutter in your room? Can’t find those keys you just placed somewhere above the desk or the drawers? Do you find that you don’t have enough time to do this and that? Well, it’s about time to learn to be organized!

How to become organized could be easy, if you are up for it. You have to be patient with the changes in your routine and you should keep it. Now, where do you start? First things that you need are pen and paper. List all of the things you have to accomplish for the day. If you are planning to organize your schedule, check first the things you have to do daily. An organizer is a handy tool on how to become organized. With this, you can keep track of things you have to do on a certain date. Have a checklist of things to be accomplished for the day to keep track of tasks you still have to work on. Set your priorities. Going to your monthly check up would be more important than hanging out in your favorite bowling alley.

Having a smart phone can also help you organize your schedule. Since most people would bring their mobile phones with them, a smart phone is a useful aid in how to be organized. Make use of the available applications on your smart phone such as reminders or notes. This is favorable to you if you have no paper and pen in hand.

If you are always in front of your computer, if you have a sidebar which lets you type in some notes, do so. Post it notes is also an option. You can post it on the places where you need to do something. Just don’t forget to remove them afterwards so you won’t be confused.

Now what can you do about the mess in your room? Maybe you need to buy new drawers, bag holders, folders, boxes or pencil holders. The first step in organizing your room is cleaning it first. Your cluttered stuff should be kept in a box first. Then do your cleaning. Throw away things you won’t need (if you can, recycle them). Put displaced stuff where they belong. If you got lots of paper, sort them by their use. Then, according to the level of their importance, put them in separate folders or envelopes. Small stuff like buttons, batteries, paper clips and others can be tucked away in small boxes (keep same things together). Label them so that you can find what you are looking for fast. You can do the same for other items.

Once you have organized your room, make it a habit. Always put things you used where you got them. Then, be consistent on being organized!

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