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How to Clean a Greasy Shop Rag?


Cleaning our house is a really tricky job. You have to ensure that every part of it is free from foreign dirt and other materials. But some parts of our home really need more effort and different techniques for you to clean it totally. Some need the right knowledge because it is not that easy to clean it. A perfect example is cleaning a greasy shop rags. “How to clean a greasy shop rag?” This is actually a frequent question that you might be repeatedly asking to yourself. Cleaning it is not as easy as soaking your hands in the water especially if you do not know how to do it. Most of the time, people are exerting effort but at the end, they do not get any result but instead get tired and disappointed because they did not do the right thing.

The following are some steps on how to clean a greasy shop rag.
• First, remove all the dirt that can be removed by hands. This is the first thing you should do. Remove all the dirt that you can see by your hands. This can make the next processes easier for you because there will be no chance of accumulated dirt. You can use hand gloves or other materials for you to do the job with more ease. Make sure that all big dirt is removed because sometimes, they cause trouble at the end.

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• Next, wash the rags with hot water. This will partially remove the oil and the grease in your rags. This will help you eliminate them and at the same time, make your cleaning process easier. Repeatedly soak it but make sure that you also give intervals on your process. In this way, you are sure that you do not destroy your rags. Soaking it in hot water can really remove most of the oil, but not totally. This will only ensure that you removed the majority of the grease and by repeating the process, you can make sure that only small amount of it were left.
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• Use detergent to fully clean the rags. This can help you in removing the grease left and removed by the previous process. This will make your shop rags are now totally free from grease. You can get a clean and almost brand new look if you only do the right process. You can wash it by hands or use washing machine to do the job, whichever you prefer. But just make sure that you follow the previous processes because putting your shop rags directly in washing machine will not make this process effective.

How to clean a greasy shop rag is a question that can easily answered by the people. Now, you do not have to think of desperate ways or to buy new shop rag just because you cannot clean your previous one. You can save money and at the same time, you can learn how to really do the job. This is a great help for you and for your family especially on these times of recession.

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