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Affordable and Simple Do It Yourself Home Decor


The general consensus is that one should approach an expensive professional if you want to redecorate your home in style, just like a country style. But to tell you the truth, this is not necessary at all. Well, if you are looking to remodel your house to be an exact replica of some picture perfect magazine ad, then of course you will need a professional and a deep pocket. On the other hand if you are one of those smart people who don’t mind getting their hands a little dirty and save a lot of money then you can look forward to remodel your home in an elegant and stylish manner by yourself. It is better to decide on a budget and then start your remodelling.

A cost effective way to give a new look to your walls

[one_half_first]A cost effective way to give a new look to your walls is to use wallpaper instead of paint. Today you get wallpaper of every style, pattern and colour to suit your requirements. Most important, they are very cheap. Depending on your budget and your room setting, you can go for floral patters or other designs which can make your room look brighter, more spacious or add the illusion of more height.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

The design and patterns that you can get in wallpaper (such as ceiling tip) are almost impossible to replicate if you use paint.

You would be surprised at the incredible things that you can find in your own local supermarket. With a little imagination and creativity you can transform your home into a showpiece in just under a few hundred dollars.

Do it yourself decorating

Original ideas are great, but you can also get lot of creative ideas that are fashionable, sophisticated and affordable from the internet and home improvement magazines. You don’t have to follow the instructions to the dot. Just take the basic idea and improvise it to suit your home and style.

Room lighting
Room lightingAs for your furniture, don’t worry if can’t afford the sleek designer models that you ogle over in a magazine, there is an alternate cheaper way to get what you want. Make a trip to your local second-hand or thrift store and look out for sturdy pieces of the furniture you need. You will be amazed at what you can do to an old and beat-up piece. Whether it is a coffee table, dinning table or any other piece of furniture, just make sure that they are sturdy and durable. Look out for real wooden pieces, as furniture made of particle board are practically useless. With a little effort and time you can transform these junk into eye-popping classic or trendy furniture.

Nowadays you can get information to do anything by yourself. If you have the time then go to your local library and search for home decorating or remodelling books to help you out. Or you can just type in the keywords ‘home decoration’ in Google search engines to get literally countless innovative ideas for your remodelling or decorating project.

Home Decoration at its Finest

Everyone dreams to have a beautiful home, one which is elegantly decorated. Nothing is better than to live inside a beautiful and classy house, with all the furniture, appliances, and decorations are beautifully created and placed. Others hire the services of an interior designer to make sure that their home will be decorated with an expert, equipped with the latest trends in home decorations. Home designers know where to buy the best furniture or the best decors that can be placed in any part of your house. However, when you hire an interior designer, you might not be able to monitor the quality and the price of the decors your designer will get. You also won’t be able to express yourself in the design of your home. Hey, you always have the prerogative to design your home all by yourself. Have you thought of the classy Dollar Store decorating?

Classy Dollar Store decorating

Elegant livingroomWell, classy Dollar Store decorating is all about styling your home with all the decors from the Dollar Store. It is incorporated with the adjective ‘classy’ because you can have every classy decoration that you want at the Dollar Store. You can find classy decorations for your living room like wallpapers, figurines, candles. There are also classy materials for your kitchen such as towels, kitchen wall papers, refrigerator decorations, and many other kitchen materials available at the Dollar Store. Even decorations at the bathroom, you can buy from this store. Bathroom wallpapers, hanging pictures for the toilet, and shower curtains are available. The bedroom materials are also at the Dollar Store, ranging from hanging paintings to figurines and to other furniture that can give accent to your room. All of these decorations are at their best quality.

Sophisticated dining roomClassy Dollar Store decorating does not necessarily have to be expensive. It is all up to the home owner or designer as to how to choose the best and classy decorations out of those available in the store without having to spend too much. It is possible, making the house really look elegant and beautiful with only the cheaply priced decors to be used with the whole interior designing. It just needs time, effort, and attention. A designer must be very keen to details because home decoration is not that easy though it is not that hard also. It makes everything easier for the home decorator if he or she has the decors that are needed for every part of the house. The complexity of the home decoration is also up to the preferred style of the homeowner. The more modern and creative the ideas are for home decorating, the classier it would appeal to all your neighbors and visitors. Classy homes always get attention. Not only that, a beautiful home creates the positive ambience for all the members of the family.

You can make an elegant decoration yourself

Arrange the collections that you have wisely. There are a lot of ways that you can make an elegant decoration yourself with the use of your collections. You may arrange it in a corner or make a shadow box for each special collection that you have.
Small elegant bedroomHang decors at eye level. Hanging decors very high may not gain appreciation. Hang it at a lower level where it can be considered a part of the room’s decoration. Experiment with different arrangements and this would really help in giving you the variation in decorating. Monotone decors also help in making your room look spacious. This would help in giving your room a spacious look even if the room is smaller.
Elegant livingroom
These are some of the tips that you can follow to give your home a new look. You do not have to spend much on expensive decors to give your home a new look, it is just a matter of mixing and matching things and a little artistry to give your home the look that will surely be appreciated.

Every day we are challenged to use our creativity

It has been said that art imitates life and so we all need inspiration to create. Therefore, inspiration in art is needed for us to grow and live life into a more positive way. Enjoy life and the artistic inspiration that it gives.

Get the most out of your inspiration. By simply having something or someone to inspire us is enough to make our work light and easy. Every day we are challenged to use our creativity. Seeing a variety of original ideas usually gets other artists inspired and from that they can create their own unique way of expressing themselves. You see, it’s just another strategy that we need in finding inspiration in original art. Reading is undeniably one of the greatest sources of inspiration. Books put a lot of ideas in our minds; it is somehow a driving force that can start to tickle our creativity which triggers off our senses in creating our masterpiece and consequently, everything else will follow.
In general, life is our inspiration. It is everywhere, but only if you know the right places where to look.

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