How to Clean a Keyboard Laptop

It is often said that the dirtiest part of the human body is the hands, and this is most likely true. Our hands are usually the part of our body that comes into contact with the most number of items on a daily basis and hence hold the greatest variety of miniature foreign particles and bacteria. Given this, it only goes to follow that the dirtiest part of our laptops is the keyboard. Just as it is hygienic and necessary for us to regularly wash our hands, it is also hygienic and necessary for us to keep clean a keyboard laptop.

There are two ways by which one can clean that and these are either with the keyboard keys on or off. Some laptops have keyboard keys that are easily removed and replaced but for the sake of certainty, refer to your laptop manual to find out. If you are unsure of how to remove and, more importantly, replace your keyboard keys, opt for the first method of keeping the keyboard keys on.

In order to clean a keyboard laptop without removing the keys, a bottle of compressed air will be needed. Using this, spray your keyboard laptop above and in between keys, in order to try and get the dust and other particles to be blown away. Tilting your laptop at an angle could prove to be helpful. If you do not have a bottle of compressed air, you can try shopping around for a magnetic duster.

For the next step, take a damp, soft cloth and use it to wipe all over the keyboard. When doing this, make sure that your laptop is shut off to avoid any electrical risks. Finally, go over the keyboard area one more time with a dry cloth.
For a more thorough way, use any thin, straight tool to carefully pop off the keyboard keys. Just like the previous method, make sure to shut down your laptop for safety reasons. When you have removed all the keyboard keys, place them in a relatively sizeable bowl and pour a good soap and water solution over them. Gently scrub each piece, being careful not to erase or damage the letter and number markings. While letting them soap, use either a bottle of compressed air or a magnetic duster to clean the exposed surface area of the keyboard. When you are done, dry off each keyboard piece then place them back into their proper places.

Remember that to clean a keyboard laptop is just as essential as to clean one’s hands. Keep the habit of cleaning your keyboard laptop regularly and thoroughly to keep yourself and your unit in clean, tip-top shape.


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