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How to Clean a Laptop Screen

Every laptop owner must know how to clean a laptop screen. Over time, the laptop screen may accumulate dust, finger prints and smudges. This can be an eye sore and hamper your view. Also, maintaining your laptop’s cleanliness will help prolong its life somehow.

The first thing you do is get a lint-free cloth, distilled water, air spray, cotton buds, and a soft bristled brush. Some electronics store sells these specialized brushes you can use to clean your laptop. Manufacturers do not recommend the use of alcohol-based cleaners or anything corrosive such as ammonias because they can damage the laptop screen.

First of all, turn off your laptop. Unplug it and remove the battery. Dust your laptop screen. Spray the distilled water on the lint-free cloth (cotton cloths, tissue papers are not recommended for these because its fibers maybe left behind), make it damp, not wet. And do not attempt to directly spray the water on the screen.

Gently wipe the screen in a specific direction. If you can still see smudges, repeat he procedure until you are contented. If the stains are too stubborn, try adding a small amount of white vinegar into the distilled water. Once you’ve finished, leave it for a while to let it dry entirely.

For maintenance, you can also purchase a screen guard. This will prevent any dust or stains from getting into your screen. Then if it is already used, you can replace it.

Your keyboard may also leave some marks and scratches on your screen because they touch each other when you fold your laptop. You can also attach a transparent silicon mat on your keyboard to prevent it from scratching the screen.

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