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Making Your Very Own Mattress in Easy Steps


Don’t you just love to sleep in a very comfy bed? Wherein you don’t want to do anything but just lie down and relax all the way? Well, one thing is for sure. Most of us, especially you, would like to have a very cozy bed. Who would settle for a nerve-racking bed especially with a mattress that is very on the edge of letting you throw it out of your window? Mattresses are the ones with heavy cloth, usually with soft material, and we used or lied on it especially if we’re really sleepy or tired. If we have a lumpy mattress, we won’t have the best sleep ever so take it out of your room and with these simple suggestions, you’ll have your very own mattress.

There can be different things that we can use as our own mattress. It’s up to your creativity and willingness on how to make it work. Here are the different things that we can consider and make into our very own mattress:

a. Fleece. A fleece is the soft napped fabric that is usually used in linings. It can be used as mattress because of its relaxing pad and one good thing about fleece is you don’t need to hem for it. In order to have it as your mattress, place at least 2 or 3 layers together depending of course on the size of your bed. Stitch approximately the surrounding of the pieces and tack it all from top to bottom. Now, you have your very own fleece mattress bed.
b. Cloths. Anything will do. Place all the cloths on the right side together and sew it around (inside the pad). Stitch it in all corners, from the corner up to the sides, the top and of course on the bottom. Leave a few inches on the bottom. If you want extra cushion, pin first foam onto one side before hemming. Tack the pad so you can hold of the pieces of cloth together. Add additional clothes for cushion. Sew all the corners once you are finished.
c. Blankets and Quilts. For the blanket, cut it to fit the mattress and you can choose if you want to cover it with cloth too. For the quilts, you can use it as your mattress pad. Place it onto the bed and hem around the perimeter. You can use it also as your stuffing.
d. Other suggestions are just stuffing of cotton, rubber, etc. You can also use your very own sleeping bag or even curtain panels found inside your homes!

You can use any material as your mattress pad. With just stuffing everything you want and of course ensuring the proper thickness, you will have your very own mattress. Just make sure you sew the perimeter and tack the various spots. In positioning the mattress pads, you can buy clips which can hold the pad in place. By clipping it in the four corners of your pad, you can be sure that your mattress will just be in one place!

Now, you can make your very own mattress pad with just our simple suggestions that we can give. You can use or try anything that you’ll see at home. Be creative and recycle! This way, you will just don’t have a mattress pad but you can use unnecessary stuffs into one great project! Enjoy!

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