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How to Get a Water Stain Out of Leather Furniture?


Investing on a sofa is surely no joke especially on leather ones. Leather sofas look good in a house plus these offer just the right comfort that we need. However, like the owners, they also go through the hardships of life; they go through various beatings and some in everyday wear and tear instances.

If you get a little careless in using leather furniture they can get stain very easily; crumbs, curry oils and even a simple glass mark of water will stain its arms. Yes, water marks or water stains are the most common stains your sofa can get sick with. Every mom of any household cleaning military would agree to it; we get water stains every time. Cleaning water marks or water spots in your leather upholstery is very easy yet some people commit very common mistakes on removing it. So how do you get a water stain out of leather furniture?

Classic leather armchair

First of all, do not try the most common mistake that others would surely do; to clean it with saddle soap. Using saddle soap in cleaning water stains out would worsen it. You see, saddle soap contains harsh chemicals that would not clean the stain out. It would worsen it, instead. Also bear in mind, that some water marks or spots easily dries and wears off depending on the humidity so cleaning it out is not necessary and attempting to clean it out can add up to your problem.

Usually, condensations form from a glass on furniture. In this case, your leather furniture can easily be treated with just mere plain clean water alone. The stain would usually create a mark and a clear line of separation and this is where you have to wet the entire area out to a seam or edge.

Chesterfield leather sofa

By using a clean sponge, soak it in a bowl of room temperature or tap water. As much as possible you have to wring it dry. Start wiping at the spot of the water stain. Dampen the leather until you reach the edges of the cushion. Wet the leather less as you get further from the water spot. Do not do scrubbings, just wipe. You have to condition the leather after it has all dried up. Other liquid stains can also be treated in the same manner, depending on the type of stains and the type of leather, it may require professional treatment.

There are also products available in the market such as polish and wax to remove not just water stains. However these products are not applicable to all types of leather. Furniture can be expensive. That is why you’ll have to keep in mind that you must find the right cleaning materials to maintain its beauty and look.

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  1. Very good information on the saddle soap. People just don’t realize many of these harsh cleaners can do more harm than good.

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