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The Retro Wave in Your Room


The 80’s and 90’s surely have made a lot of impact on the people. This is the period of the retro. Though years have passed and we are already on the modern age, retro has not been truly eliminated from our culture. In fact there are a lot of people who still appreciates things that are designed to look like retro. Retro can be seen in clothing, buildings, cars and even houses and bedrooms. If you like to create a retro bedroom but you do not have enough money to do it, here is a way on how you can have retro bedroom. You can do it yourself.

Retro style kitchen

The first thing that you should do is to know what retro means. What does it really mean? How can one thing be considered retro? What are the unique features of retro? Answer all these questions first. By doing so, you will be given the idea on how you will decorate your bedroom. This will also give you the idea on what materials you need to buy and how much it will cost you. This part is really important in order for you to create a true retro bedroom. Retro is characterized by the use of so many colors and shapes.

The next part will be buying the things that you will need in creating a retro bedroom. Here are some materials that you will need. You will need paint and paint brush. You will also need nails, hammer and saw. You will also need to buy wood for the furniture and crafts that you are going to need. You will also need cloths for your bed and pillows. Remember to choose bright and varying colors for your paint and for your cloth. You may buy additional things if you like for as long as they will blend with your theme.

Retro style dining room

Now that you have the right materials you can now start designing your bedroom. The first thing that will need to do is to empty your bedroom. Then put newspapers to areas where you do not want to be painted. When you are done doing those, you may start painting. Remember the theme of your bedroom so paint your room accordingly. For the furniture and crafts, you can either create yourself or ask for help in doing them. You can make your cabinets, desks and chairs that are really retro. You must also paint them with bright colors. A famous feature of retro is having picture frames with the same images but colored differently. You can do this yourself by printing colorless images on glossy materials and then painting them colorfully and accordingly.

After making the furniture and the crafts you can now make the cover of your bed and pillows. This time you can use a single bright color for the entire bed and the pillows. You can use bright red for it.
When the paint of the room is already dry, you can now start cleaning up the room before you put in the furniture, crafts, other designs and the bed. Now you are done designing a retro room. There are a lot of possibilities doing things yourself. You should just know what and how to do things.

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