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How to Clean Micro Suede Couch?


A micro suede couch is also known as a love seat. It is a small piece of upholstered furniture on which two or more people can sit side by side. It is designed with leather and the flesh side is turned outward and rubbed up to make a velvety nap. Regardless of its attractive texture and feel, many buyers shy away. The advantage of using this micro suede couch is its being easy to clean. Suede has the ability to last like cloth or vinyl; however, its material requires a special care and cleaning procedure. The following are the materials needed and the steps on how to clean micro suede couch.
Before anything else, you will need soap with low pH level, a spray bottle and a light-colored cloth.

Black suede couch

Step 1 The first thing to do is to crate a mixture of water and a squirt of low pH soap in a spray bottle. You can use Neutrogena gentle facial cleanser. Most facial soaps have a low pH level.

Step 2 After preparing the mixture, lightly spray it into stain. Saturate the stain if and only if it is a large area or a deep stain. The quicker you get to stain, the lesser mixture is needed to be consumed. This only means that the less drying time, the less time for the stain to become difficult to get rid of it.

Step 3 The final step is to gently rub it with light-colored cloth. You may notice that the stain is moving to the cloth. To remove the entire stain, you have to repeat spraying and rubbing using cloth a few times. Clean it again with light-colored cloth and gently dab it at the spot to remove the excess mixture.

Instead of using the mixture mentioned above, you can also use fine sand paper to remove the stain completely. If the stain is too small, use your pencil eraser. To keep the stain out, use circular motion when rubbing. Just be careful in rubbing. Do not rub the spot too hard.

Micro suede bed comforter

If your micro suede couch gets water spot in between treatments, allow the spot to dry in natural way and then gently brush it using specialized brush. If you find it hard to remove stains, seek for professional cleaners to treat and remove the spots. If other solutions fail, you can purchase stain remover solutions available in stores. If you choose to use any chemical, make sure to test it in not easily seen place first to see how it will react.

It is very important to take preventative measures when caring for your micro suede couch. Moreover, you should brush you suede regularly using special suede brushes. The couch will last if you take good care of it. Firstly, always treat your suede couches with a protective coat. Many companies produce specialized suede protectors. This protector must be applied by simply rubbing it into the outer layer of the material. Applying this protective coat regularly will keep your couch fresh and will help you ensure that your micro suede couch is water- and stain-proof.

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