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How to Decorate Your Apartment on a Budget?


I often ask for tips to be able to decorate the apartment on a budget. Well I think to satisfy many people in the most practical way, it was time to write this article on that topic.

It is true that when you start to decorating you will find many opinions; but remember one thing: your home is yours. Decorate in the way that makes you feel more comfortable and always aiming at the beauty and integration of the elements.

The advices I give you are my personal methods to decorate with a low budget, I hope you share me yours, so, let’s begin!

Decorating with a Minimum Budget

My personal secret is:

Many little things instead of a very big one!

With that in mind, you cannot imagine the variety of what you can add to a decoration no matter how tight your budget is. You just have to know where to go, those magical places that seem hidden between time and dimensions; Where prices froze and more never left the ice.

[one_half_first]Of course, keep in mind that there are many things to look for in these stores, so the main thing is not to make a hasty decision. Do not make use of your entire budget before you have toured and looked at all the available accessory options.


It also considers that the whole space should have a simple theme so that the pieces are integrated together without forcing them. So again I tell you that you should always see all the options more than once even before making the final decision.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Breaking myths: Cheap = Disposable?

I speak from my experience, so my opinion may not be the same as many other people you might ask but

For me, the cheapest thing can be sometimes last a lifetime

I have more than 1 candlestick and a mirror that I bought for $ 1 and yet; they look as new, beautiful and give me that rustic look that I was looking for in my home.

Because; do not let the seller convince you to buy something more expensive and cover your entire budget with the excuse that it is quality.

It seems obvious but I think it is worth emphasizing

The things that are looked at and not touched can cost very little, it is their uniqueness and their antiquity that makes them worth so much.

Well, since we have set the basic parameters

What do you think if we now go to see many decorative ideas and many low-budget accessories to give a new life to your home?!

I have time waiting to get to this part and I cannot stand the anxiety, so; to complete this small course before moving on to the main course I must tell you two more terms:

Recycle and Create

Because the best accessories and the best decorative pieces are not the ones you can buy, but the ones that are born of your own imagination.

Remember that we may be talking about the design of any decorator, however; even the most expensive decorative accessories began as an idea! So let’s use creativity! And if in the way we can take care of the planet much better!

That is why I want you to use the philosophy of recycling and creating at all times.

Vinyls for walls, doors and mirrors

Vinyls are excellent for adding a touch of contemporary art to our home but; what many people ignore or simply do not apply, is that vinyls should not only be limited to walls.

The doors and also the mirrors can be decorated with vinyls specially thought for those textures.

If you spend a little more time looking for different types, you will notice that there are vinyls that allow the mirror to continue offering a good reflection; It’s not just about where you place the vinyl, but how transparent it is.

And beyond buying a predetermined design, what do you say if you make your own vinyl or your own decorations on paper?

Paper decorations add both beauty and a delicate touch to the home; Colored paper folded not with complex origami techniques but with a bit of silicone and imagination.

When it comes to redesigning a space through the decor but having a tight budget. I always recommend my clients to start with the wall.

Because decorating a wall can transform a whole space. So you don’t need to invest in an expensive painting, that’s why we move to the next decorative element very economic that you will find.


I know that mirrors can become very expensive, however, these types of mirrors I want to talk about are the mini mirrors.

Accessories intended purely for decoration in order to use them for artistic purposes and adornments more than to really reflect us in a practical way.

That is, you can still use the final finish to check your appearance before you leave, but you will not look sharp or completely like a standing mirror.

The use of glue for wood and wall, combined with the techniques of mosaics or stained glass that we have taught you before; can be of great utility to inspire you to create a mirrored design.

Remember that thanks to the effect of refraction of the light you will now have a much more ample space and illuminate.

And the furniture?

When we speak of the furniture, we enter in a delicate land where you have to walk very slowly. If you want to redesign and in your vision is included the acquisition of one or more furniture; then you should know that they are the priority.

You must separate each room of your house and know what you need in it to make functional. In the bedroom you will need the bed, bedside tables and chest of drawers.

While the sofa is a priority in the room and goes much earlier than the floor lamp or table.

Especially when you do not even have the table yet. To decorate you should

always do a planning.

This stage is very fun because you will write everything down, absolutely everything that comes to mind that you want. Then you have to divide it into: what you want, what you need, what you do not need.


This way you will realize that, more times of which we would like; we get to carried away by the excitement of the moment and we do not really need to spend as much.

The planning in the decoration is what makes getting out of buying with little money make you end up buying lots of things and getting you something from what they had destined for that furniture may be one of the least economical or the cheapest things you can get.

To be able to know how much money you need then you must define your style.

Only then you will know if it’s necessary going to the flea market and get the vintage sofa that you are looking for or if on the contrary; maybe your style is more DIY style, then you can meet with your friends and together make the sofa functional for those nights of meeting.

For the furniture always consider what kind of life you have, do you have children, are you the host constantly, you go to use it a lot or is it just for decorative purposes?

All these aspects will help you decrease the amount of money you will invest in the furniture (or increase it)

Final Tips

Buy online!

But buy smartly, go to sellers who handle return policies, who have great reputation and are virtual stores. Sellers who are a virtual store exist thanks to its reputation, a customer who does not let them 5 stars stands for them a failure.

Always look to give you the best care and the best product. In addition, when you buy a virtual store you will get discounts on the purchase as you buy more products and something very important!

Try that all your purchases come with free shipping!

If with these few tips you consider that you still do not meet your expectations to be able decorate with your little budget let me know!

And if you manage other methods to get the most out of your money, tell us your technique, save together!

It is not really a taboo to decorate your rental apartment

Adding other functional articles such as shelves can help in creating that illusion of design and decoration that your boring walls need. Carefully place each book in the shelves in a certain pattern, so that the eye would not be able to take much notice of the wall and instead focus on the design of the shelf, creating an illusion that the shelf itself blends with the wall as one general theme or design.
Living room
Finally, avert the eye’s attention to the walls by decorating other articles of the room and making them your room’s focal point. Bedrooms for example can be given life by simply focusing on the curtains and the beds themselves instead of the wall. Choosing vibrant colors for these articles can help the eye avert its attention to the walls. Living room walls can almost go unnoticed by focusing on the central articles or the room. Put in some live plants for decoration, arrange the furniture so that the rooms center would be the eye’s focal point, you can do all sorts of things in order for the eye to move its attention away from the walls. So what if the walls are completely blank? You have much more color flowing from other articles in the room that can provide the brightness your apartment would ever need.


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