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How to Display China Plates


Do want to add special feel to the kitchen or the room by adding few Chinese plates. Decorating the kitchen with Chinese plates can change the décor and can add spice the whole atmosphere. It will give an oriental touch to the kitchen. Chinese plates are of different grades ranging from the ones that are below 5 years to the one that are 20 years and more. Depending on how old these plates are they are also priced.

If you have a sizeable collection of these plates there are different ways of displaying these items while you not in use or you have just bought a new set. Some of the common displaying methods are shelving or storing them in buffets or Chinese in cabinets or even fixing them on the wall. If you want to arrange these items in a buffet, try placing them sideways or on a plate holder. The cabinet is ideal for display; this will give color and decorative depth to the plates

The other most common method of displaying these plates is by placing these items onto a wall. All you need is a small plate hangers, some drill equipments to do the job. Placing these plates with similar pattern is a good way of arranging.

The other place where these plates can be displayed is above the cabinet. The empty space will provide the best location for these items. It will give an esthetic feel when placed alongside other decorative items. In addition, these items placed on the top of the cabinets will also make it safe.

Here are some basic tips for displaying Chinese plates
1. Display the ones that are more colorful in the cabinet or display case.
2. Look for complimentary colors that will best suit your kitchen or the room where you want to display these plates.
3. Whatever way you display the plates ensure that you use it at lest once a year so that you can enjoy the full potential of theses plates.
4. Ensure that these plates are beyond the reach of children.
5. Clean these plates frequently to avoid dust from collecting .
6. Use water and mild shop to clean these plates (no abrasive solution).

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