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How to Eliminate Pet Odor from Carpet


It is really embarrassing to host parties and gatherings with all that dreadful stench that comes from your carpet. As a host, you should ensure that your guests will have fun and enjoyment throughout the whole event, but how can they have fun if the ambiance smells a lot like one hundred and one wet dogs or cat feces. Before the whole event, you should eliminate that bothering odor before your guests wrinkle their noses and start spreading gossips about you and your stinky house.

Your beloved furry pets usually sleep on the carpet, roll over on it and play like a mad hatter on it. At the same time, they pee on it, poop on it and puke on it. Just like humans, they love that warm, soft and cozy feeling that we get from carpets. It is really overwhelming to see your cuddly pets sprawling on the carpet with great ease and comfort, but that foul odor that they leave on your carpet is simply intolerable. So how to eliminate pet odor from carpet is a big question.

It’s not really your pet’s fault if he smells like an animal. It is obvious that he is an animal, so you can’t expect him to smell a lot like a human. Animals have animal instincts that we cannot understand. They are not too intelligent to be able to control their own bladder and bowel movements. So don’t put all the blame on your pets. If you don’t want them making your carpet smell bad, then put them in the doghouse outside. But if you can’t live without your best buddy around the living room, then keep him inside and solve this problem with all the available solutions on how to eliminate pet odor from carpet.

If a pet has left a horrible stain due to wastes like urine, feces and vomit you must clean it as soon as possible before things get even worse. Swiping the dirt or just picking it up is not enough.
• Instead, you can clean the affected area with mild dish soap or better yet, use vinegar for it is also a good deodorizer. After the stain has completely vanished, rinse the spot by blotting with a damp rag, cloth or a paper towel. To avoid or eliminate wicking, put a thick towel or rag on top of the stain with heavy books and objects on top of it for weighing it down. Leave it there for a few hours up to overnight and clean the stain once again.

Once a week, sprinkle some deodorizing powder on your carpet.
• Baking soda serves as an alternative. If common deodorants just would not work, use heavy duty pet smell removers. They are more expensive but far more effective. Your Vet can also give recommendations for effective products and methods of deodorizing. If none of these solutions work for you, contact a professional carpet cleaner. Just make sure you have exhausted all possible options. After getting your carpet cleaned, clear the air with air purifiers that will remove pet odors that still linger in the air. Also, don’t forget to bathe you pet.

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