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How to Paint a Dining Room with a Chair Rail?


Dining rooms can be really hard to paint and even to decorate. It combines both form and function that can be achieved by getting creative; at the same time, you are having a little fun while painting and decorating your dining room. Learning how to paint a dining room with a chair rail is not that difficult. However, painting requires some effort to achieve professional results. Like most painting projects, proper preparation is essential to receive a high quality paint job. Check the following steps for more information.

Step 1 Cover or remove the furniture, lights, switch plates, drapes, and wall art. Cover the floor. Pick the paint color you want to use, you can choose either gloss or “sheen” level. Choose the color that complements and contrasts the color of your dining room wall. Alternatively, you can even paint the sections of the wall the chair railing created different, complementary colors.

Step 2 Prepare surfaces. Preparing requires you to remove nails and tapes, scrape or sand loose painting, cleaning and filling the holes or cracks.

Green painted dinning room

Step 3 Now that your room is prepared, you can start the actual painting process by “cutting-in” on one wall. First, use a 2 inch brush and painting the edges (where you taped). It is best to “cut in” about 3-4 feet at a time, and then roll in the middle section. Use only downward direction in rolling. Using this process so that you keep what is known as a “wet edge”. Do not wait until the paint dries to pull off the tape or you will get some peeling. If necessary, apply second coat by simply rolling again

Step 4 Use the chair rail to divide the wall horizontally or vertically of your dining room.

Step 5
Use the chair rail to create a faux window in your dining room and attach them to a wall in the shape of a window. It is advisable to use additional chair railings to create sections of the window. Use any paint techniques, like a mural that is good for an outdoor scene behind the chair railing.

Step 6 Use chair railing to frame a wall mural in your dining room and attach chair railing to the wall around a mural. Use color that complements this technique, this will work well for any type of a mural, especially modern art and landscapes.

Painting walls

Step 7 Use chair railing to create narrow stripes on your dining room wall and attach chair railing vertically to the wall to make “pinstripes” on you dining room wall. This technique will add depth and dimension to the dining room wall as well as draw the eye upwards, making the ceilings seems higher and the room larger. Use paint color to chair railing that is contrasting, yet complementary. Using the chair rail, you did not only find something to work on to but you have actually found a meaningful task to accomplish. With just seven steps, you will be able to know how to paint a dining room with a chair rail. Just like decorating, painting is fun.

Throw all those preconceived ideas out of how to use chair railings and create a dining room uniquely your own. In just short period, you will have a dining room that you, together with your family and guests will enjoy.

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