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How to Creatively Design your Door Knob


People tend to overlook the importance of a door knob in the overall appearance of their home. Just before thinking the right decoration for your wall and ceilings, don’t neglect the little things around your home, like your door knob. You can create an elegant door knob without spending your money on replacing them.

• The easiest way to change the overall look of your doorknob is to apply paint. Traditional wall paint is not the proper paint to use for your doorknob. Try to use some metallic paint of silver and gold look, or some of the dimensional paint available to add some texture to your old doorknob. Metallic paints usually dry quickly than ordinary paint. Use synchronized way of painting to have the best look when dry. Sometimes, a metallic paint requires only one coat.
• When using textured paint use a brush or a piece of foam to rub on your doorknob. After the texture paint has dried, just apply one more coat for much better result. Two coats of paint are sometimes better than one coat. You can embed something on the paint after the last coat before it totally dries up. You can embed rhinestone or buttons if you like. A one large stone at the center of the doorknob look nice. To be able to hold the stone while the paint is still wet, you can use a masking tape to hold the stone in place.
• Apply rub-on appliqués to brighten doorknobs at your bathrooms and bedrooms. You can use a butterfly pattern, starfish or even flower garden. Don’t forget to sand you doorknob before putting your rub-on. Check your doorknob before putting your appliqués package. You can also apply some paint on the doorknob that will complement the design of your appliqué. This is a good idea if you want to have a unique and creative doorknob.
• If you have a skill or hidden artistry, you can paint scenery on your doorknob. It can be a lake, a country road or anything you wish. The outcome of this style can be very unique and beautiful. If you are not a very talented artist you can always use some stencil to get a comparable effect.
• One of the most popular decorations for doorknobs is hangers. Hangers may com from different shapes of wood and foam. They just hang around on your doorknob and come with a variety of designs and styles. Some popular hanger designs are shells and stars. Others may have beautiful pad for leaving special messages.
• You can also purchased a metallic monograms that can stick at your doorknob. These metallic materials are available with different colors and designs.
• Try to incorporate different methods and techniques to make your doorknob more fabulous. You can make use of metallic paint and stick rub-on to decorate your door knob.

Some of the methods may not be suitable for your doorknob. Find the most suitable method for your doorknob by inspecting the kind of doorknobs you have at home.

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