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8 Home Design Tips: Wild, Wild West bedroom theme


Nothing entices a little boy’s imagination like having his room designed with his favorite fantasy. If your little boy is a fan of cowboys and the Wild, Wild West you can give him a treat by giving him a cowboy bedroom make over. With a slight inspiration from imagination and the drive to please your little cowboy, you are on track to building an impressive Wild, Wild West themed bedroom. Here are some ideas that might help.

The Wild, Wild Flooring
Way back in the era when the cowboys ruled the land, the establishments had animal hides for floor coverings and rugs. Some historians say that these animal rugs were from the animals the cowboys hunted and served as the carpets of the Wild, Wild West. Imitate this effect by creating several faux animal hide rugs/mats around the room. For added drama and effect, rough the edges of the mats as if they were torn and not cut. The faux animal hides are usually available in the nearest fabric store.

Wild west kid room

The Wild, Wild Walls
With the walls, there are a lot of possibilities. You can purchase wall cover that features the desert, cactuses and horses. But if you crave to personalize the design, you can make use of your drawing skills by creating a mural on the wall. You can make use of any design that you think best describes the Wild West. A western town, the sheriff’s office, horses, lassos etc. it is actually up to you. Pay attention to additional details like wall pegs for cowboy hats or coat stands.

The Cowboy’s Bed
No matter how rugged or outlandish the bed design might be, it should be as comfortable as any other beds. More than the design, you should prioritize maximum comfort. You don’t want your little boy having troubles sleeping. The color scheme plays a great role here. Make use of the leather brown-black color combination for the sheets. You can attach wood works to the headboard. Make sure it is securely attached to prevent accidents. It is up to you if you want to repaint the wooden areas of the bed.

Dressing the Pillows
To adapt the pillows to the cowboy theme, you can buy some leather or cowhide pillow covers. If this material causes discomfort, you can settle for pillow covers of the same color.

Far west styled boys bedroom

Additional Details
Paying attention to little things will give a more satisfying result.
• Situate some cowboy or horse figurines, ropes, cowboy hats etc.
• Add some additional western flair by tweaking the light effects and the light holders.
• You can also repaint the closets and dressers, to accentuate the overall look of the bedroom.
• And as for the window, you can paint the window frames with silver or steel colored paint. Instead of the usual floral curtains, use cowboy valances to create that western window effect.

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