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How To Quick Clean your Rooms and your House

How many times has it been that when you are in the office, you receive a call of unexpected visits for dinner? It is definitely a reason for panic, especially when we have no idea if our house is able to receive strangers; so here at Decorating Visita Casas we bring you these tips to quickly clean the house.

And no, do not get too comfortable, because this has to be done practically flying, yes; with the right approach to be as efficient as possible, come on, come on; they will soon arrive!

The Magic of Cleaning in Less than 5 Minutes


The steps we are going to give you next have to learn them by heart; although ideally you do not have to apply them at all times every time you expect visits.

I personally migrate to the minimalist style to save me this kind of problems; but I became an expert in this trick of sorting the house in a short time.

Because our pace of life sometimes leaves us little time if you want to sleep

How we are supposed to take care of so many details?


That is why I recommend even to get a certified service staff who can go to your home 1 or 2 times per week; if you really can not deal with the chores of your home, is the best.

In any case; right now we are not calling that person, the only thing we can do is try to fix the matter ourselves as soon as possible

Do not sit down, we have a lot ahead that needs to be solved!

Closing the Doors


The common areas in the house and where we usually receive visitors and where they go are:
• The kitchen
• The living room
• Bathroom

Even in smaller houses or apartments; the hall can be represented by a few decorative elements, it may not be a “real” room of the house.

Well, the first thing to do is: close the doors of the rooms where you do not want visitors to enter.

Some of them may need to use the bathroom, and if there is not one in your house for visits, then we will have to invest a little time also in that area.

Although I do not think you have your house totally abandoned, the bathroom should always be clean.

But after you have identified the common areas where they will talk, eat, watch television, have a few drinks; or simply discuss what you and your visitors are going to discuss. It’s time to start making that mess disappear as if by magic.

Therefore, the first thing is to establish the limits, to make it clear, to said that room is a zone of not entering.

Clean Hard, but Just the Superficials

The next step is to do a general cleaning of all meeting areas, you will see; we all have that chair where for some reason ends our coat, our shirts, even the pants.

The ideal of these garments, if they are not dirty, is to hang them. Not everyone has in their homes a coat rack dedicated to this; neither a closet just to store the heaviest clothing once you get home.

I recommend you to consider buying one for the wall, they are very decorative and can serve, as well as for your clothes; for umbrellas or hats.


However, you do not have it, so it has to improvise, and as the visits are about to arrive; the important thing is to go to those rooms where you have set the limit of not trespassing and there, leave the clothes.

If you have a closet with doors, it is best to leave everything there in a corner, that way you will know that precisely all that, you must check it or classify it as dirty clothes.

Once you have cleared the area visually removing everything that should not be there. We then proceed to the second phase of deep but superficial cleaning: ventilate.

A spacious, ventilated space that smells clean, is an orderly space, or at least so our senses appreciate it. For that reason; you must open all the windows and doors, let the light in, notice now which spots are the ones that should be taken care of and use to sweep the floor quickly.

But there is something very important that you must remove first using the broom, the cobwebs!

Cobwebs give you a look of dirt and neglect, and the right way to clean any place in the house is starting from the top and then going down. So focus on removing those awful cobwebs at the corners that do not allow the white ceiling to be clearly seen.

But if you have many cobwebs, although they are easy to remove; I recommend that you remove the cushions and any other object that may be affected by the fall of the cobwebs. It is important that before you reposition everything in your room shake well, only then can you sweep the floor and; the finishing touch will be a touch of air freshener.

You have to smell the freshly ventilated environment clean.

Cheking the Kitchen

No, you will not have time to scrub the dishes, unless you have an autonomous dishwasher. But the principle is the same, it prevents to see the things.

All disorder must disappear. Even if you do not have time to wash the frets; If they are arranged inside the dishwasher and even with a little water, you can always use the excuse “It is loosening the dirt, I will wash them in the night”.


Yes, if you know that your visitors will want to eat something, it is best to leave the stage of the kitchen for the end. It does not matter if when they arrive you are still washing a glass or dish; the important thing is that you have the utensils and elements clean to attend them.

You can prepare your own disinfectant and degreasing mixture to help you in the kitchen. I must say that my sprayer with my personal mix is one of my greatest allies for cleaning the home.

The Bathroom

The bathroom can be one of the most important elements. It’s that intimate part of the home that the visitors study unseen, you’ve certainly spied a house when you go to the bathroom!

Naturally, our curiosity is activated a bit when we go to the bathroom of an unknown house. For that reason, you must give high priority. In fact, after doing the superficial cleaning, your second focus point should be the bathroom to which your visits will have access; especially if you are aware that it is not clean.

I hope that’s not the case. The first thing to do, take out the trash. No matter how full it is, take it out; If you do not apply cleaning secrets to combat odors, it is best to remove even the smallest residue of garbage that could cause scent.

Make sure there is paper, towels do not smell strange and; this is very important: do not leave magazines. It is in bad taste, believe me, I know there was a time when magazines or “reading material for the bathroom” was very fashionable; but it was always tasteless, we all knew it and today it is no longer done.

If your visit wants to read, use your cell phone.

Repassing the List

We will summarize a little what you must do, it is good that you can record it in your memory; as it applies to any home, you never know when it will be for you to help someone receive important visits

• Remove everything that does not belong to that room and send it to the non-passing area

• Remove cushions, tablecloths, vases, ornaments. All this can go in a basket, that of dirty clothes, if it is empty, it is great for this.

• Clean from top to bottom with well-lit and ventilated house, remove cobwebs and then dust on furniture. While you are putting the decorative elements back in place, shake off the dust they have.

• Clean the floor, sweeping may be sufficient, unless stains are present. I hope you do not have any stains on your floor.

• Check the condition of the bathroom, but mostly remove the trash. Starting from the bathroom, you can then use an air freshener to give the house a clean odor.

• Go to the kitchen. What you can “hide” simply hide it, but never store dirty items in the refrigerator; anywhere, except in the refrigerator

• Once you notice that everything is clear and smells clean, you can wash the dishes, with patience.


Use that moment to relax and; if your visits arrive, there is no problem that they notice you doing that kind of cleaning. You can help with a vacuum cleaner or add other tricks to your cleaning process, but never forget that you are against the clock; what you don’t want, is that your visitors notice that you were doing the cleaning at the last minute and in a hurry.


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