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How to redecorate you family room in a weekend


Redecorating or transforming your family room in a weekend is quite achievable and possible. Lots of people think that to redecorate a room in a single weekend is a Herculean task.

Family room is an important part of your home as it is the place where most family spends their time together. Actually, it can be quite exciting and fun to redecorate the family room in a weekend as each of the family members can suggest an idea. Weekends are the days when the family can get off from their work and give some time to help in redecorating. With extra help from everyone, it will be done within a short period of time.

First of all, gather everyone in the family and ask one suggestion from each of them, the one important thing that is the most valuable possession for them. Each person can be given a task, each according to their ability and interest. Painting the walls and shelves can be taken care off early in the weekend and after this process all the decorations can follow step by step.
You can start off by placing couches, tables, flower plants etc to create an exquisite feeling. Place the television at one end of the room so that sometimes you can put up the coffee tables at the centre. Put picture frames on walls and tables so that it portrays a loving family room. The color of the room can be bright and fun so that it executes happiness. Books can be placed on one shelf so that the adults can enjoy. There can be fresh flowers to compliment the room. You can even showcase awards and medals so that the joy of winning and taking part in a competition can be displayed proudly.

It is best to follow a time schedule so that the work is done on time and there is no work left for Monday. Everyone can take a good night rest and can start off with their usual work on the weekdays.

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