How to Spice Up your Sliding Doors

Many people find sliding glass doors really interesting. It is because sliding glass doors have a special effect especially to the living room adjacent to the garden. These provide a beautiful view from the outside, and what a better way to enhance them than to think of window treatment ideas for glass sliding doors. Contrary to what other people think, there are many things that can be done with the windows to complement it with the glass sliding doors. For those who would want to see what’s outside the room through the windows, it is best advised to use Roman shade. A Roman shade provides a cozy feel to the entire room without sacrificing the visual quality across.

Glass sliding door

If privacy is desired in a limited room but still would want to get a glimpse of the outside, the glass be have a frosted shade. This gives a slight dark shade yet the natural light from the outside still gets in the room. If one wants to further feel the outside ambiance, he or she can place some shutters on each side of the glass but be sure they are of the same height. It is also advised to hang some elements just above the sliding doors to give a cozy touch. Be sure that the color of the elements complements the color of the shutters.


glass sliding doors

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