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Maximizing Space for a Better Room


You would certainly feel so blessed for having such a large and spacious bedroom. You think you can do a lot with it, like you can run inside when you feel like it. You can also invite friends over to sleep with you because you won’t have any problems with space. You can even add another bed for make the sleepover more convenient. But hey, before you get too excited to invite your friends, be sure you have decorated your large room to make it more fun and conducive to stay in! The question is how are you going to fill all those space up? Are you going to use every space you see just to have the whole room decorated?

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The answer to that is no. For you to be guided with your room decoration, here are some design ideas for an oversized bedroom. Well, actually, just because you have a large room means you must also have big plans for its design! You need to make it simple, actually. Since it is already a big room, you have to have fewer things and have each of them emphasized. For example, you have to organize your things. You have to scatter your big stuff with your small stuff to make the elements in the room balanced. You can also prefer to use brighter colors to make the room more cramped, compressing every detail together to make the room appear smaller. Dark colors, like clothes, make look one or something big.

You might also want to put on some wallpaper or posters on the wall so that while it is a larger room, you can also make the walls appear taller, balancing the area of the whole room. You can of course, put other materials to fill in the space. For example, one part of the room can be turned into a small study area where you can put everything that you need for school or for work. You can decorate it with colorful papers to make it brighter.

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You can also display some of your pictures and other hanging fixtures on the walls to fill in the spaces of the large walls. Another part of the room can be turned into a collection area, where you can display all of your collections. This will fill a big space especially if you are indeed a collector. For big furniture, make sure they are really big. You can use bigger appliances or fixtures too. Your bed must be of king or queen-size to fill a larger space. Your cabinets must also be big, and so are your tables and sofa. In fact, you can put up a small living room at your large bedroom to maximize more of the space.

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