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How to Use Inflatable Furniture for Your Kids | Decorating Visita Casas

Previously, inflatable furniture for children was used only for swimming pools and during summer days or vacations.
However, today that tradition, although it is still respected, has been taken to a new level where it combines fun and functionality.

It is true that not everything in our children’s room may be inflatable; however, the alternatives that we will show you below can be easily implemented adding an important value to the decoration.

Best of all, your child will thank you! After all you’ll be giving him a fun, comfortable gift that he can carry everywhere inside and outside the house.

The Magic Of Inflatable Furniture For Kids

Inflatable Furniture
Inflatable Furniture

Many people underestimate the main quality of inflatable furniture, and that quality is: portability.

Although they can remain integrated in the decoration for a long time without problems; inflatable furniture can be transported seamlessly or simply removed from the environment for a while.

This versatility when decorating, either to save space or to give a new focus to the decorative scene, is undoubtedly its greatest advantage.

Can you imagine moving the sofa in the living room as easily as moving the inflatable pool on Sundays?

So inflatable furniture, especially those adapted to children’s size, shine through this amazing feature that is almost magic.

But Which Furniture Should You Choose?

There are currently two types of furniture that are perfect for the nursery and should not be missing in your home:

– An armchair or a chair
– A bed

Inflatable Furniture
Inflatable Furniture

Both oriented to comfort and rest, as you may suppose. However; beyond the obvious, there are great advantages to having these two pieces of furniture at your disposal when decorating the children’s room.

First let’s talk about something very important for you: the economic aspect.

Inflatable furniture, both beds and chairs or armchairs, are extremely economical when you compare them with their solid alternatives, whether plastic or wood.

Inflatable Furniture
Inflatable Furniture

After that we have the recreational aspect mentioned above, children love to boast, and not everyone can say they have a fun inflatable bed bought by a cool dad or mom.

In that sense, your child will gain social trust that will help build better self-esteem and of course, he/she will learn to be an extrovert.

Thanks to the inflatable furniture, you will surely have many little girl/boy friends who will want to go to your room to have some fun in their little personal amusement park.

Be Careful When Using Inflatable Furniture

Inflatable Furniture
Inflatable Furniture

Remember that inflatable furniture is not as delicate to the touch as it is a piece of furniture. Cotton as well as other types of textiles is extremely soft to the touch if they are of good quality.

It is therefore important to know how to compensate for this “negative” factor of inflatable furniture. Do not hate the material from which they are made. After all it is the best alternative used by the manufacturers to offer us a long life piece of furniture.

Use thick sheets to cover the inflatable mattress and make sure that, no matter how the kids move during playing or sleeping, under any circumstances, the bed cover will be run leaving the polyethylene material exposed.

For inflatable chairs you can use a similar technique, but ideally you allow your son or daughter to decorate it to their liking. Being a furniture adapted to his/her size he/she can easily move it; You’ll notice how quickly he/she does it “mine” so let it explore his/her creativity.

Buying Thinking In The Future

Inflatable Furniture

We already have that the price of this furniture is much cheaper than its traditional alternative. But only because they are light, fun and cheap; does not mean that they cannot be lasting.

People often associate the inflatable look with “disposable” but in reality they are very wrong. Most inflatable pools have a short shelf life, due to the use and abuse they give.
But do not forget that a bed is used to sleep and to jump into it from time to time, while a chair is to sit.

Although the inflatable bed and inflatable armchair are light enough to be able to move without problems; They are not extremely light for your child to push them from one side of the room to the other all day.

Inflatable Furniture

The true portability of this type of furniture exists by the fact that they can be completely deflated, compacting until they are the same size of the box in which they came from.

However, they do have a long shelf life, for that reason; I recommend you invest half of what you were going to invest in the traditional bed and buy a large inflatable bed.

That way only the set of sheets will have to vary as the years pass, to adapt more to the personality and age of your child.

A single purchase for life, what a great way to save money is to buy inflatable furniture!

The same applies to the chair. Instead of buying chair-shaped inflatable furniture, buy something more out of the common shape, like a pouf. That way the size will not matter and your child can use it until adolescence.

And For The Smaller Ones Is There An Alternative?

Inflatable Furniture
Inflatable Furniture

There are inflatable cribs that are beautiful, economical and fun. However; they are more a portable toy than a real alternative to sleep.

Being able to take a mini crib to the park for your baby to take a nap feeling sure is great. But leaving your baby all night in a small inflatable crib is not the safest alternative.

The defect of these cribs at security level is that they can be easily climbed by the baby, for that reason they do not come with the seal that qualifies them as safe.

They are more an accessory than a piece of furniture, do not forget that. However; there is a great alternative that you can use with your baby. A piece of furniture that I personally loved and that once my baby stopped using it; I gave it in a baby shower.

I guarantee that it is designed to support the entire baby’s activity and make life easier for the parents

What I’m talking about is a bath chair.

Inflatable Furniture

An ultra-comfortable chair designed to function as a lifeguard inside the bath. The baby can be in contact with water in a comfortable way, without risk of immersion and best of all; it can be adapted to other baby furniture such as the dining chair!

It is true that you should never leave your baby in the bathtub without supervision; but an extra security is never too much. It’s also a great alternative for those babies who are a little afraid of water.

It will make the experience of the bath a game at all times; and they will become accustomed to being surrounded by water without panicking or breaking down to cry.

So if you are going to buy inflatable furniture for your children, do not forget these three alternatives; one for baby, and the other two can be with him or her until their adolescence.

I hope you enjoy them, send us photos of your child in your new inflatable furniture!


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