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5 Step Turtle Kids Room for Kids Decorating Solution


If your child wants a turtle-themed room, trust us, it won’t be that hard. For themes that are of the marine area, one thing that you can first do is paint the walls blue. The color blue represents water and it shows the aquatic theme of the room more. You can also use green, which also is part of the aquatic theme. It can also represent grass which is an additional design to the bedroom of the child.

For the bed, choose a bedding sheet that is of turtle-theme. You can purchase it on your favorite bedding store or you can let someone make it for you too. This way, it will be very personalized and it is more artistic. Also, you can use colors blue or green. It will feel like your bed is the turtle pond or home of the turtles. In the bed itself, you can buy a built-in design or you can even make a head board. It can be of a turtle-shape or anything that is related to turtles like shells, pond, etc.

For other designs, you can design your furniture that is under your theme. You can use shelves which is of turtle-themed. Make sure it is sturdy enough to last for a long time. You can also display collections of turtles or any aquatic designs. For furniture, tables can be designed as turtle ponds. Paint it with the color blue or green. Just use your artistry and it will end up good.

Accesories for a Turtle Kids Room

For accessories, you can hang pictures of turtles. You can also use wall decors like wall clock, turtle designed-accessories (e.g., wind chimes) for the flooring; it will be simple enough if you can paint it with but with simple patterns of blue or green. You can also use personalized rugs or carpets that show that you are more on the aquatic part of the room.

Another theme that is partnered with turtles is bugs. Basically, this is what the turtles eat so you can use bug accessories in various parts of the room. You can buy these bugs in children’s store for just a cheap price or you can make your own one and bond with your child with it.

Other things that you can use are a basket in which you can put all turtles or your child’s toys in order it won’t be that messy enough, you can also use nature like twigs and glue it on the walls so you really can feel the naturalness of the boy´s room.

Now, don’t just overdo things. Remember, simplicity is still the best design. Let your child help so that he or she can feel the ambiance of his or her room. Harmony is also one thing that you should bear in mind. Pick all your designs and make sure that it compliments one another. Have fun designing!

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