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How we can make a wallpaper crafts


We can use wallpaper in a lot of different creative and unique ways to be able to decorate our house or even just for gift giving. Surely, wallpaper can make some difference in our walls, but, that was not the only place for it. All it should take is a little bit of creativity and some willingness to try something new. The best part of this is that, we can actually go into one of the outlet places who sell a cheap wallpaper and buy some which is out of the project, or we can even buy enough to redecorate our entire room and make it look coordinated and pulled together. These are just some of the ideas on how we can make a wallpaper crafts.

Another way on making some wallpaper crafts is by simply doing a fan to be hanged on our wall. We just have to take a roll of the wallpaper which will suit our rooms decorating scheme, and fold it like a fan. We should then secure it with some staples or even tape it near its bottom using a clear tape and then tie a ribbon around it for the fan to be able to stay pleated. Once that we already had it pleated and fixed to stay, we can simply add some beads, flowers, or even more ribbons on it. We may even want to use the colored hot glue or beads to make some other designs on our fan. We just always have to use our imagination and the theme of our room to be able to make it as our own creation.

We shouldn’t stop there; we could simply look around us, and search for some other ways in which we can make wallpaper crafts. If we still have some old file cabinet which sticks out like a sore thumb, we can simply wallpaper the top and sides of it. And then, we could either paint or wallpaper its front just to match it. If we are going to paint its front with a solid color and then use some patterns on its top and sides which will surely match our rooms wallpaper, then, we will be having a very wonderful storage solution which wouldn’t look as if it’s out of the place.

We can do a lot of different wallpaper crafts which will sure help us decorate and make our house as well as our furniture to match with each other. All we have to do is just to imagine and let our creativity come out. We don’t have to be an artist to be able to develop new things out of craft. We just have to have the patience and willingness to do a certain thing. Being creative is naturally within us, we only have to practice it and let it out even for a while. Giving our house our personal touch would be the greatest thing that we can do for it.

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