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If you’ll choose glass lamp shade replacement read this



The lamp shade definitely adds a new level of elegance and class to our light source. The expert designers at Decorating Visita Casas love to use them in our work.

From a Vintage, Victorian, Art Deco or Asian concept to the most modern and minimalist of decorative concepts accept without much effort a lamp with screen.

Whether you like designing your own models or if you want to get some new ones that you love; there are certain “tricks” when buying lamp shades that are always good to keep in mind.

If you want to know a little more just join me in the following lines and you’ll be more than ready to go out and buy that lamp screen that you’ve wanted so much since too long already.

Tips for Buying Lamp Screens


You sure are tired of listening and reading the following:

“better safe than sorry”
“An intelligent woman is always ready”
“Forewarned man is worth two”

Well this is an article where we put all those sayings into practice; all of that which people have been telling us since very young; and the older we get, the more we realize that the elders in our childhood as well as our parents were right!

Choosing the Right Lamp Screen


Just going to shops and be surrounded by so many shapes, fibers, sizes and models. The simple experience of wanting to choose a shade for your lamp can be overwhelming.

Therefore, here we tell you the first and most important of all the steps; If you do not start with this indication, start over! That’s how important it is; Ready to know what it is?

Always Carry Your Lamp

So; if in the worst case you cannot carry the lamp because it is very exotic or huge, the correct thing to do is to take the exact measurements, model and even photographs in case of wear and tear over time.

In the lamp shade stores the main thing before letting you take one of your products is to check that the screen is correctly integrated into the lamp and does not interfere with the luminaire.

A lamp can look like a 1000 different ways!

Actually; imagination is the limit when it comes to choosing a shade for your lamp.

It happens many times that you get the shape of the screen you were looking for; the one you just needed to complete your decoration! However; When you touch it to check the material, you notice that it is not made of what you wanted it to be made of.

In those cases, you can carry the fabric you want your lamp shade be made of, I can guarantee this since I’ve done it many times before.

You can order it to be the same fabric as your favorite set of sheets, the same color as your sofa, in short, a good store dedicated to the business of the lamp shades will offer you that and more.

This is where the prestige of the manufacturer comes in. If you want something generic, you can buy it without problems; but do not forget that category products can really get you with the specialists in the field.

Is glass a good choice?

Of course it is! And here we want to share some of our best kept secrets when choosing glass lampshades.

You would be surprised to know how one or two small details can make such a big difference in this decorative work.

The first thing you should consider is the guarantee (after having met the first clear step). Warranties on glass lamp shades vary greatly depending on demographic conditions.

In areas where seismic activity has frequently been observed; the ceiling screens have a guarantee and more stringent security guidelines and efficient than in other zones.

These guarantees come in product signs, the same applies to lamps. You will notice very remarkable aspects such as:

– Mark N
– Brand ENEC
– CE Conformation
– Protected against falling vertical waters
– Collection of waste

And so many other aspects that, although two screens have the same shape, can vary. That is why it is also very important to verify the manufacturing serial and the series.

If you bought a lamp for years that included a shade and now you go to the store where they have a similar shade but a more contemporary series; you will notice large differences in the manufacturer’s label.

This is where the most important aspect comes in when buying a replacement for the shade of our lamp.

Always check the manufacturing lot in case you are facing an identifiable series; if possible only buy shades belonging to identifiable series.

With this information you can buy a replacement for your lamp shade with a better guarantee.

How is that possible?


Many times the distributors and sellers offer certain guarantees that the manufacturer does not offer because of the area in which they are (many episodes of earthquakes of lesser degree, much rain, etc.)

Thanks to this you could get a better guarantee but, while sticking with step number one which is to check how your future shade fits your lamp.

A ceiling glass shade does not have to be boring, no matter what area you are in; with the correct safety standards and attachments to their manufacture as IP23 certification; You can have the shade you’ve always wanted in the place you’ve always dreamed off.

Adding more category to our lamp

An extension of height or elevator, depending on the name given to it in your locality; is another great alternative that can greatly influence the selection of the shade for your lamp.

They are designed to fit perfectly into the structure of the lamp. However; they offer that touch that the lamp could be missing that a screen can be 100% compatible with her.

Thanks to elevators, we at Decorating Visita Casas have gotten awesome effects giving it a new concept or should I say; a new life to the old lamps of our clients.

The Hipster touch is present when an exquisitely ornamented base is combined with the decorative concept of the 1950s; if we add a new more contemporary piece thanks to an elevation.

Tips and Advices

I do not want to say goodbye without first giving you some additional rules that you should keep in mind to make your decor look more professional; as I said before, one or two details can make a big difference.

Form is undoubtedly a very frequent topic of discussion. The real definitive answer is that the shape of the base and the shade should be in harmony.
You should not use a round screen for a square base. The conflict that causes this breaks the flow of energies; think of the shade as a way of highlighting the weaknesses of the base shape.
– The shade should have 2 “height difference when you compare it with the measurement from the base of the lamp to the base of the stand.
– Ideally, the top of the shade is twice the size of the base.
– Do not forget to compare the color of the shade with both the light on and off. A perfect shade can look very different when the light from inside modifies slightly its tones.

Finally, remember that any place in your house can be an elegant or modern area; it all depends on the decor. But including a lamp with a shade will never affect negatively if you follow these guidelines and you have a little decorative criteria.


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