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Locking your Drawer Right


If you are the type of person that treasures your privacy, then you would certainly need a lock for every drawer that you have. You would need lock for your cabinet with files, money, checks, bank accounts, among other private things that need to be secured. Therefore, you have to know how to how to add a lock to a dresser or desk drawer. You have to know that you can install two types of drawer locks, one is the mortise type where you can choose between half mortise and full mortise, and the other one is the exterior or surface lock.

Drawer lock

Below are some of the steps to install both types of locks:
For the mortise locks, they are installed onto the wood of your furniture. For the half mortise lock, it must be installed just half an inch into the wood. On the other hand, the strike plate must be attached to the drawer’s surface. For the full mortise, it should be attached completely to the wood while its strike plate is attached just inside the drawer. Remember that since the full mortise must be completely and fully installed onto the wood, it will need a bigger space.

On the other hand, the exterior locks are easier to do. Exterior locks are composed of two parts. The lock, of course, must be attached to the drawer, while the bolt piece into the frame of the wood. You must be careful in installing an exterior lock. You must check out for the best position of the lock on the wood. With the use of a lead pencil, you should mark the correct positioning of the screw holes of the lock. On the other hand, the screw holes of the bolt piece must also be marked with the use of a lead pencil. Then, it’s now time to use a drill with a bit smaller than the screw’s diameter. This will bore on the wood its needed starter holes. Against the wood, you should hold the lock tight so as to position it properly before screwing it. Do the same thing for the bolt piece.

Cabinet locking

Be sure to always check if the locks are properly working and that they are properly attached and positioned to the wood. You have to insert the key a number of times to check if the lock is really working. You also have to check if it is screwed properly onto the wood to avoid broken lock frames in the future. Remember that you installed a lock so that no other people can access your properties so better be secured you did the installation properly. These are just some of the do it yourself tips on how to add a lock to a dresser or desk drawer.

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