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How can I Make a Small Bedroom looks Larger?


A bedroom is one of the most important places in your house. It is where you can get a good rest, get comfortable and feel relaxed. It is the cosiest place in your house and can serve as a fortress of solitude at times when you feel a little bit down. It can also be a fun place where you can keep company of your friends, chat with them or giggle with their stories. That is why having a good space to be your bedroom really counts. But what if you only have a small bedroom? At some point, you will have to ask yourself, “How can I make a small bedroom larger?” Honestly, a small room can never get larger but with proper choice, you can achieve the feeling of having a large spacious room. This article will guide you on how to make your small bedroom larger.

Small laundry• Light Up your Room
Proper lighting can make your room looks bigger. Try to avoid using too much curtains especially if you use heavy and dark colored ones. Try to invite some daylights on by opening the curtains. Paint your room with light colors such as ivory or white paints. This will give you a good breathing-atmosphere feeling and will not make your room semi-closed. Try to use soft and light colored fabric as well in your furniture. You can also even try hanging some light colored painting in your walls to add some designs. Having a well lighted, well color-painted room is equal to a light comfy feeling.

• Taking Care of those Furniture
Usually what adds up to making your room looks smaller are the furniture. Try to move and reposition furniture every now and then. This will help you and give you the proper idea on where to put things in the right and the best places. Doing arrangements now and then can give you best solutions to your space problems.

Other considerations to put in mind are the sizes of the furniture. If you have a small room, then why bother of having a large bed? Big furniture will likely be taking up large spaces.

Small kids room• Create an Illusion
Mirrors can also help you with your space problem. Try putting in some wall mirrors in your room. Putting two or three mirrors on the wall can do magic. Wall mirrors can create an expanding wall illusion. When it catches good lights from your lamps or from your windows, the illusion will increase. The room would even feel a lot larger if it catches the reflection of an open door or of the hallway.

Now, there is no need for renovating and using sledgehammers to increase your bedroom space. Colors and even mirrors can help you solve your problems.

Small laundryIs there any excess space on your room? Is there enough space for your bed, bureau, desk, and maybe a chair? Are you trying to make your small bedroom look larger than it really is? This factor is a common problem in interior decorating because it is not easy to make a small bedroom appear larger, but with the information given in this article you should be on your way to a larger-looking room. Here are some helpful ideas to answer you problem everytime you ask yourself, “Hey, how can I make a small bedroom larger?”

• The first thing to do is look at the lighting and color of the room. Dark color of your room makes a room seem to be closed in and small. You can increase the lighting of the room to be able to make the room look bigger.
Small bedroom• Avoid using thick curtains because they will just block out too much light. If you want to use blinds or curtains, make sure that you can open and close it to let the light in. Using fabrics with light color with nature theme prints is advisable. Do not use dark paint on you walls because with this, you make the room dark and cramped. This idea is only applicable if you want to make a large room seem snug.

• Move your furniture around occasionally into different positions. This will keep the room more interesting and will allow you to find the best position for the furniture. This may help you find creative positions that you would have otherwise never found if you did not move the furniture.

• Take note of looking at the position, size and the style of your furniture. Big furniture will appear to be taking up a lot of space ina room. It is advisable to buy smaller furniture. You will surely get the appearance that the room is bigger. You must also consider the color of your furniture. Furniture that has a light color will have the same effect as the light colors of the walls.
A kid bedroom
• Placing wall mirror in a room can bring an effect of expansion of space. Wall mirrors will give the illusion of creating more space in a small room. You can increase the illusion more if you have the mirror catch light from the window or lamps.

• The last tip is to make your bed and clean your room every day. Keep everything away. Place the things on the right place where it should be.

You can now use and apply these tips on your room. It is a common problem for designers to make the small place appear larger but with the help of the suggested ideas mentioned above, you could fix this on your own.

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