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See Hawaii everyday at your Room


Hawaii is most famous for its beaches and its happy culture characterized by bright elements such as flowers and plants. Having a room based on a Hawaiian theme will certainly bring a brighter and lighter atmosphere especially when you design it with the use of the well-known Hawaiian trademarks.

You can start pimping out a boring room by giving style to walls. Since the walls surround the entire room, marking it with a Hawaiian design will already give a Hawaiian feel. If you have the budget, you can have the walls painted with floral prints, especially the hibiscus flower. These floral prints can come in bold and loud colors, depending on your choice. You can also add some prints of leaves. If you don’t have the budget or the time for a wall painting, you can just choose from the many types of wallpaper available at the department store. On the other hand, if you don’t want loud designs such as floral prints, you can just choose wallpaper with plain colors attributing to the Hawaiian culture such as bright yellow, red, green, among others.

Hawaian styled centerpiece

Of course, the flooring should complement the wall design. You can buy carpets from the department store too, or it is also your choice to have the flooring painted. However, carpets are easy to install on your floors. These are also easy to clean with just the use of a vacuum. The design of the flooring depends on your style. You can get the same design of your wall for the flooring, or you can have another Hawaiian design.

For your furniture, you can check out different hanging accessories available in the market. Hanging floral designs that are long and flowing can be used as curtains or screen. You can also use furniture made of bamboo. All of these are part of the Hawaiian culture. You can also set up a small space of your room to install a mini-beach, with beach sand and beach stones beautifully positioned. If you have the budget, you can also ask for the assistance of landscape designers to install a natural fountain inside your room, with flowing water adding up to the Hawaiian ambiance.

Hawaian bedroom decor

You can also put some flowery plants on the sides of your bed to make it look more beautiful. Meanwhile, your bed can also have a Hawaiian touch by putting on a floral bed sheet and pillows would be interesting if you are a girl. Your headboard can also be designed with flowers or leaves. These are just some of the ways you can turn a usually out of style bedroom into a beautiful Hawaiian-designed room. You and your visitors will certainly have a good night with all the Hawaiian visuals in your room. It is perfect not only for having fun but also for a peaceful sleep at night.

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