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Repaint, Revamp, Resale!


Painting your home will make it look new and ready to be sold. Prospective house-hunters will be attracted to the vibrancy of the fresh paint and it will entice them to really take a look in the interiors. All of us want to save money when doing restoration or repairs and painting your home is a cost-effective means to double its sale potential. But no matter how much we’re trying to fit things in our budget and you decide to repaint the house yourself, you can do so rest assured that you will do it flawlessly so as to save time and of course, paint.

Painting rooms

Last Minute Repairs
Don’t try to hide the cracks on your walls or water stains with paint. Buyers will always look into those details so detect the source of the moisture and repair them instead of covering them up. Get your walls fixed before painting.

Choosing the Colors
When you choose the palette for the house, stick to neutral. You can opt to paint in fleshy tones but a lot of buyers would appreciate interesting but neutral color combinations. Try to imagine yourself as the buyer of your home: consider the versatility of the colors you brush on your walls to easily match with furniture and other home accessories. This applies to both interior and exterior of the house.

Where to Repaint
Check your timetable. If you have limited time and budget, paint on the front portion of your home: the front door and entry area. This is the first thing that people will see so a good impression of the entry area is important. Don’t paint a room for any particular age group so the buyers will be able to choose their. Balance the dark and light colors as long as the palette is neutral and not dated. Check all over the house for any areas that need repair particularly the walls and ceilings. As mentioned, get the piping fixed and remove any nails or screws hanging on the walls. Have the gaps properly filled, apply primer and then paint. For the illusion of space, use lighter colors. Don’t forget to apply a quality primer to prevent wax bleeding.

Painting walls

Besides your sales talk, the house itself will speak to the buyers. Repairs before repainting cannot be emphasized enough so that the time and effort you put into painting will not be wasted by the return of water stains and further deterioration of walls. The landscaping and miscellaneous fix-ups will also make a good impact on buyers but the paint job will be the most noticeable of all since the colors will balance the entire house. It will give the house its age and buyers usually base their furniture according to the paint job.

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