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Set of Advice in Buying Quality Sofa


In buying a quality sofa, first thing first is you have to check the space. Measure the area of the old sofa so that you will not be able to buy the wrong size of the new one. If your room is smaller, chose a style that has smaller arms. A smaller straight arm helps to maximize your seating space and take up less floor space. If you have low ceilings, a sofa that doesn’t sit too high is applicable. If you want sofa that sits too high then endeavor a lower leg. Style of the sofa is next to your list. Decide whether you want a modern or traditional style of sofa. If you choose a modern look then you should try a sofa with straight arm. If you consider a traditional look sofa then a rolled arm is for you, though not necessarily always, some straight arm sofas can definitely work to your living room.

The frame of sofa should always be considered. It is best to have sofas with ‘kiln-dried hardwood’ such as oak, poplar or other hard woods. The kiln drying removes the excess moisture in the wood and it ensures that there is little chance of it cracking or warping in the future. Nowadays, manufacturers also consider furniture grade plywood which is thicker than the normal plywood. It is exigent to ask about the materials used in the construction of the sofa and to check the warranties.

A sofa can be a family den or a formal living room. In purchasing a sofa for a family den you have to make sure to sit on the sofa in the store for at least thirty minutes with your family members. When thirty minutes have passed and your family member is satisfied, it time to walk around the sofa and look for snags and runs in the fabric. It is best to choose a fabric that is stain resistant and has a soft pattern. Remember that solid colors tend to show stains more prominently than patterns so you better take it in consideration. Always ask to see a swath of cloth in the chosen color; it is better to see exactly what you are buying than feel sorry after. The family den usually the place where to host overnight guests and you better decide if you will have a simple sofa or sofa with hide-a-bed in your living room.

The first quality that you should look for sofa intended for a formal living room is the some level of comfort provided (such as lower back support). One purpose of the sofa is to provide a sitting place for guests. It is important that the sofa have a height so that your guests can comfortably sit and rise without trouble. Lastly, remember to choose a sofa with solid batting so seat impressions are not left in the cushions from sitting on the sofa.

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