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Top interior decorating magazines


We all want to live in our dream homes, take a tour on our favorite celebrities’ mansions, or other cultures arts. So these are the top interior decorating magazines that will surely give us what we want.

1] Architectural Digest
It is a monthly-published magazine that features “the rich and famous” houses and buildings. From Famous celebrities homes to different exotic locations all over the world like castles, villas, flats, cottages, resorts, and wonderful ideas for your home.

2] House Beautiful
It is also a monthly-published magazine that features practical ideas for your home. This interior decorating magazine is considered to be the oldest. It gives great ideas for remodeling and renovation and up-to-date design ideas for working kitchens, bathroom escapes, and romantic bedrooms.

3] Veranda
This interior decorating magazine is published 6 times a year which features elegant interior designs in the southern United States. It gives ideas on decoration and entertainment from various places all over the world and their historic influences. It gives readers ideas on how to incorporate different techniques and ideas into their homes.

4] Traditional Home
It is published 8 times a year that features on information on classic interior designs, art, architecture, and antiques. They feature historic places and classic cultures that bring out the traditional resources or ideas of our modern homes. Mostly you can get from this magazine are classic color scheme, modern outdoor furniture, classic furniture styles, classic window treatments, and a lot of traditional ideas.

5] Country Home
This interior decorating magazine is published 10 times a year which features charming country haven ideas and comfort. It also features articles on antiques and collectibles, craft projects and country decorating ideas. It also includes country gardens and country favorite recipes.

6] Elle Decor
This semi-monthly published magazine features a high trendy lifestyle with contemporary French influence. It features decorating ideas for modern homes and condominiums. It also features luxury living, furniture design, planning your modern spaces.

7] Romantic Homes
This is a perfect magazine for people who are looking for a cozy, romantic, and intimate home. It features various choices and ideas on how to make your home romantic and it also gives cottage style décor and ideas.

8] Better Homes & Gardens
It is a monthly-published magazine that features on a happy family and home. It features basic solutions and tips on common house challenges. It also features ideas, advices, and inspiration in keeping your home comfortable for your family. It also features ideas on gardening and fun family activities.

9] Metropolitan Home
It is published 6 times a year that features ideas on designing and renovating modern urban spaces. It also features on current trends in contemporary interior design, high-end appliances, modern and outdoor furniture and how to transform your traditional house into a modern one. It also gives ideas on how to turn your little garden into a little paradise.

10] Country Living
It is a monthly-published magazine that features country décor, crafts, antiques, and traditional cooking. It also gives ideas on how to make your home comfortable and cozy. It also gives tips on furniture design and gardening.

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