Soap Suds and Sophistication

Next to one’s personal bedroom, there is perhaps no better room to spend a lot of time in than in the bathroom. Yes, you know where this is going. Although the bathroom’s probably the smallest room in the entire house, some people like to peruse a magazine or a book while dumping a big one in “the throne”, most (if not all) enjoy a nice bath after a stressful day, some simply pamper themselves inside and some sing better while inside the bathroom because of the acoustics. Admit it, it’s a nice place to be in (that is, given that it’s well-maintained and well-decorated).

Classic bathroom

But how exactly do you decorate to make your bathroom experience more enjoyable? Well, here are some tips to get you closer to that blissful bathroom escapade. Before you get too excited in decorating, make a checklist of your bathroom essentials, that is, the basics inside a bathroom: the sink, toilet, a tub (if you opt to have one), and the shower area. When you decorate a bathroom, it doesn’t have to burn your pockets and wallets. Plumbing issues? Find a manual and try to learn the plumbing basics, or just ask for help from a neighbor instead of hiring a plumber. Accidents can happen anywhere in the home. Besides the kitchen, the bathroom could also be a dangerous place to be if you don’t choose the right flooring. A wet slip could cause great damage, especially if there are elders living with you.


soap suds

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