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Sponging as a Creative Decorative Painting Technique


If you are tired of sticking wall paper into walls or if you want to try adding your own flavor to the decoration of your room, you should try out decorative painting. It is a very simple method of painting that can yield really marvelous and adorable results. It can help you produce mesmerizing walls for your room or home. Decorative painting can let your creative side take over and bring out your imagination into your walls.

Wall painted with sponge

One of the techniques used in decorative painting is sponging or sponge painting. This technique uses sponges and paint to create a motif or a design onto a wall. The use of the sponge instead of a brush gives more texture to the wall which gives it a more distinctive, interesting look. This sponging technique of painting can also be used on areas other than walls. It can be used on the ceiling, on the doors, and even on furniture and cabinets. It is very versatile in the sense that you can use it on practically any object that you wish to paint. It also has no requirements on the type of finish that it can be applied to. It works just as well on smooth finishes as it does on rough finishes.

Sponge painting works best when 3 or more paint colors are used. Although a minimum of 2 colors is required to make a sponge painting effect, using 3 or more colors would make it even more distinguished. Furthermore, using more colors would mean more choices of combinations that you can use. Creating great combinations is one other advantage of sponging. Before you begin sponge painting, you must first coat your wall with a base paint. You can use a wide brush or a paint roller to apply this because it must be applied to the entire wall. This is needed to provide a background contrast to your creative sponge splashes later. Make sure that the base coat is thoroughly dried before you start sponge painting on it.

Painting with sponge techique

Once the base coat is dry, you can already start your foray into sponge painting. Have your equipment ready: your sponge, your paint, a pail of water and some paper towels. Also, remember to cover or protect any furniture, window frame, door, or wall space that you do not want to be painted. Cover the floor well too because there will surely be drips of paint dropping from your sponge. Nothing looks more amateur than a floor full of paint drippings.

When the room is fully prepared and protected, wet your sponge with water and then dip it into the paint of your choice. Dip only one side of the sponge. You can then proceed to dabbing the sponge on the wall. Rotate and change the way you hold the sponge when applying the paint to help create variation. If you want to use another paint color, you should also use another sponge. Always use one separate sponge for each color that you would like to use.

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