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Easy Interior Paint Techniques


We can simply use the easy interior paint techniques for disguising flawed walls in our home without spending too much of our time and paint. All we have to have is a sea sponge which is being considered as the natural sponges that is irregularly been shaped and have some holes with some different sizes, from a very small one to about a fingernail size one. By using these sponges, we can now mend a broken finish in our room’s wall by simply moistening this sponge and dipping it into the latex paint that we are going to use, which contrasting slightly with the color of our wall. We just have to dip the sponge lightly into the paint and then dab the paint loaded sponge into a sheet of a newspaper until we are getting a clearer imprint of our sponge pattern and no running paint. And then, we could now start using the same motion in applying the paint in our wall.

Painting with sponge techique

The only real trick to have an interior paint techniques for walls in our home is to start with a loose spacing than the close spacing, since that we can always go back and redo it to have a more dense sponge pattern. For us to be able to create something more intricate we can simply use a two contrasting colors. We can sponge loosely with a color which is slightly darker than the wall, then, after it dries up we can now go over and use a paler color on it. We can also achieve a slightly different broken paint effects by simply using the material other than the sponge like the plastic cling wrap, which can also be used like the sponge.
Painting walls

Another option is that, we can paint a strip of wall and then apply a flat sheet of it into the painted wall and then pull it off. This is where some of the fresh paints will life off just to reveal the underlying color, but then, the effect of it is more likely that as if the wall has been covered up with some wrinkled fabric or even a panne velvet. Another thing is that, some of the other work material will surely make a well work too. We can try bunching up a wad of cheesecloth or burlap for an added textured effect. We just always have to be sure to dab away at any piece of newspaper until we achieved the right amount of paint left to show the weave of the fabric as we daub. There are a lot of ways on how we can make easy paint techniques in our room. It is really true that having some flawed walls can make our whole room look untidy. This is the main reason why we should try this tips and start renewing our rooms look.

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