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Sport Themed Furniture and Accessories | Decorating Visita Casas

Sports Themed


The passion for sport is a reality, not just a phrase. And the sports themed in furniture, accessories and decoration in general; is of course a very interesting valid concept which final result is worth admiring once we have finished it to the last detail.

The problem is, and one where many people often fail, in the focus that most people give to the decor; not to every decorative element. The real problem lies in the final decoration based on the sport theme.

So in order for this not happening to you; today we bring you the best advice to build your sports decoration which final result will be the envy of all who admire it.

Passion For Decoration | A passion for sports

Sports Themed

The first thing to know is that the decoration with the sport theme does not have to be limited to an age range nor to a particular sex.

The sport theme decoration focuses on that particular passion of the person who inhabits the room or the whole house.

Like all decorations; there are certain parts of the house that should not be overloaded with the same theme. This is to prevent the functionality of that area from making a dysfunctional clash with the decorative theme and Feng Shui.

Nevertheless, these areas can continue to have a detail related to the sporting issue; and still not feel out of order or cause an unbalanced aura.

Sports Themed
Sports Themed

That is why we emphasize that the key to everything lies in the distribution and use of these resources in decoration. The decorative resources offered by the sport theme are a bit different from the traditional decoration of the other styles.

A shirt, a signed photograph, a trophy or even a ball; can be loaded with great spiritual, sentimental and ceremonial energy. That is what makes them very powerful elements to enrich the decoration; the key is to know how to use it.

And that my sport-loving friend, that’s what we are about to explain to you next; because if we can agree on anything, is that the signed ball cannot go anywhere in the house.

Decorating with Unique Sporting Elements

Sports Themed

Did you think we’d talk about them in the end?

No, let’s talk about the unique elements that can go into sports theme decoration now; as long as we make correct use of them and the spaces.

The T-Shirts

Team shirts, and especially those of our favorite player, are a very powerful element for decoration; however, a sports shirt can cause a large negative visual impact to the sight at the moment of seeing it.

That is why the most important thing in order to exhibit a jewel of this type is a clear wall. But not only must the wall be cleared; the surroundings on the floor and the roof must be clear as well.

Sports Themed
Sports Themed

If your house is on two floors; the best thing to do with that shirt is to nail it to one of the walls of the second floor. Even if the t-shirt is near the ladder, in fact this is one of the ideal places for them.

The other place where they are perfect is in the garage; but not if you use your garage to store all sorts of objects. You could set up your garage to be sport oriented, so the shirt will have its perfect place.

The balls

Signed balls should not be surrounded by objects that are constantly moving. If you have a floating shelf, or if in the kitchen or the shelves there is enough space to create a decorative set, then you have found a potential place for signed balls.

The most important thing when decorating with them is to protect them correctly. Remember that the better preserved the signature and the ball, the greater its sentimental value, not to mention the cash.


Trophies are pieces too important, do not mixed with other factors of decoration. It is important that you keep in mind that recognition of merit serves as an impetus to continue to excel; provide a place for trophies, medals and sports recognitions.

Photos Signed

They cannot go next to the family, even if the photograph is a member of the family. This type of pieces are decorative and ceremonial; therefore deserve to be protagonists of the space that you dedicate to them.

Do not mix them with other types of photographs; these belong to a group totally different from those of the wedding, graduation or vacation.

Furniture in the Sports
Themed Decoration of Your Home

Sports Themed

They often ask me what kind of furniture should be used when you want to turn the whole decoration into something sporty. Beyond integrating to a traditional decoration the small elements like the aforementioned.

In those cases, the furniture that best fit the theme are a little unique; that is, not at all traditional to those used in every home.

The shape of this furniture is designed to transmit energy; and that feeling is enhanced by the paint they use on them and even the ornaments.

One of the furniture that is oriented to the sporting and active decoration is: The Ball Chair.

Sports Themed
Sports Themed

The reason is more than obvious, being hung from the ceiling; they become definitely the center of attraction of the decoration. Being hung from the ceiling is too singular a detail to obviate.

Then there is the other detail that is its form, although it is an ideal alternative for an outdoor decoration, this chair can be found in different stores with a sports finish.

On the other hand, we cannot deny that despite its unique way of staying, it is an alternative that adapts to a minimalist decorative concept. As long as the chain does not stay in a place that creates a stalemate.

Sports Themed

The other place in your house where you may have to devise a minimalist decoration and you need furniture that adapts to that concept, Is in the children’s room.

One of the elements that I recommend you use is a “scoreboard” or at least that would be the decorative idea at the time of creating it.

There you will be able to place different tasks assigned to your children, from house duties like organizing your bed, to more important assignments.

Your child could also add activities, as long as you use an acrylic surface to erase and write about it constantly. A score board will allow you to instill responsibilities and remember them in a fun way, which suits the passion of children.

Sports Themed

Of course, do not forget the discreet details, but they also build a sports decoration. These accessories are:

  • Garbage baskets with basketball hoop shapes

  • Small basketball hoops on the wall of the room

  • A baseball bats exhibitor

  • A base for a ball

The base for balls can be used for both soccer and basketball. Basketball baskets serve both to release stress and to help meditate.

Do not be afraid to add to the decoration a great poster of the favorite team’s star player, that’s very important. Try to associate the discipline of the sport with the way in which they live, in order to teach valuable thoughts to your children.

Decoration is a reflection of the character, so that you really achieve a decoration with a sports theme, your family must live the sport. Sport is discipline, so try to use sport analogies in the breeding or housework.

Sports Themed
Sports Themed

Building the ideal aura, you will get the decoration to be enriched in a harmonious way with all those who live in the house.


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