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Decorating a Sporty Themed Room


It’s not always the boys who have to be considered the sporty ones. In the various events at the Olympics, girls can also dominate. Does your kid daughter, niece, sister or cousin have a flair for sports? Does she display talent and passion for different types of sports? One of the best ways to show support for that inclination is to re-decorate her room with a sports theme.

Basketball themed room

Decorating your princess bedroom always best begins with the walls. Choose soft hues such as baby blue, sky blue, pale pink or it’s alright for her to have dark colors such as navy blue or even black, then you can paint the walls with that. Just be sure to have the proper lighting so as not to strain the eyes. Whether she prefers just one sport or multiple sports as the central theme (others girls themes are for example, a butterfly themed bedroom) , remember to list down all of the elements of the sport(s) as basis for the following decors. For example, if she likes basketball, you can install a miniature net and put up small basketballs on the wall, etc.
Basketball game

The elements would include the equipment for the sport(s), the rules on how to play (which can be represented by fun doodles or caricatures so it won’t be boring to look at and it won’t be hard to understand). For equipment, you can splurge on miniature nets that can be purchased on your local sporting goods store. If you’d like to use wallpapers instead of painting on the sporty design, then it’s up to you as long as it will complement the rest of the colors of the accessories you’ll be using.

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