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Stick It, Plaster It, Hang It: Wall Accents for Your Home


Just like painters have canvas as their creativity outlet, home owners can utilize their empty living spaces to express their art ideas. Your interior walls are ideal places for putting awards, things that have sentimental values to you, or anything else that is appealing to look at. Anything hanging on your wall is normally a great conversation starter with your guests. Wall accents will also tell people about who you are in terms of style.

[one_half_first]For wall accents to be appealing, there are two things that must be put into consideration: the owner’s personality and the home style. In order to minimize mishaps as you decorate your home with wall accents, it is important to de-classify your home’s style. Keep in mind that, the wall accents should always complement with your house and at the same time reflect you.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

The renaissance paintings are ideal for Victorian kind of houses. Detailed gothic pictures in huge frames will give out that elegant and classic touch. In case you’ve got small rooms, you can use a huge mirror to channel the paintings in the kitchen and living room and thereby making the room appear bigger than it really is.

How do you find your decorating style?

Even as you go out there to decorate your home with wall accents, it is important to know your preferences and style. The truth is, majority of the people are not aware of this and actually know what they want when they see it. For instance, you may have been attracted by a yellow and brown paint combination that you saw at your friend’s place. The next thing you do is to copy paste it in your home. The following tips will enable you to find out your decorating style.

  1. Come up with a list of questions that will lead you towards discovering your tastes and preferences. Ask yourself:
  • What is my favorite color? This will enable you to know your color taste, balance, arrangement and form.
  • Is there sufficient space for you to make the improvement and changes that you want to make?
  • What is that one thing about the house that appeals to you the most? It is basically similar to a dress; you’ve got to think about the most appropriate one for certain occasion.
  1. Research online or go out and observe.
  • Do a thorough online research on the various unique decorating styles out there. You will obviously learn these techniques after a number of clicks. But if you are an outgoing person, it is actually better to go out there in the field and see for yourself. This way, you will have an opportunity to personally observe the various interior decorating styles. You can thereafter apply whatever you have learned in your house.
  1. Come up with a reasonable budget for your wall accents.
  • It is very important to budget before implementing your plan. This enables you to come up with a sizeable plan that will eventually lead.
  1. Keep your house space in mind.
  • Before you move out there to purchase the various house appliances and furniture, it is important to think about the size of your house. This is one factor that majority of the people take for granted. They end up buying huge appliances and furniture that’s beyond the size of their space.
  1. Have confidence in implementing the things you have on your mind.
  • The biggest setback here would be the fear of outcome. Don’t be afraid of trying and failing. Do whatever you have in your head and you won’t go wrong.

The above tips will be a great guide in helping you make a decision as you choose a wall accent. Doing something you love just by yourself makes you feel better.

Best Wall Accents

Once you have followed the above tips, it will be very easy to choose a personality that will change your home appearance. Putting a cutting-edge or old masterpiece in your dining room or living room allows you to brag off about your artistic prowess to your visitors and friends. The following are some of the choices and tips on how to use them.

The Great Painters

If legendary artistic work is your taste, then you’ll definitely love the great work of timeless masters like Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, and Claude Monet. They surely add an artistic touch to your home. Use the works of Michelangelo, da Vinci, as well as other masters to beautify your personal library or living room and probably grace your living room with the beautiful work of Monet. In case you have a taste for the modern trends, you may probably add Kandinsky or Picasso.

Since not all paintings are meant to last forever, you may consider buying purchasing paintings that have come with fade-resistant and other preservation techniques.

Children’s Wall Art

You can improve your children’s room by adding children’s wall art. It should not be something complicated, basically anything relating to children. This may include things like simple shapes, bright colors, and fun figures that may impress the young generation. To help customize your child’s bedroom, hang a gender-themed photograph or probably a gender neutral piece within the playroom. Motivate your children by hanging motivation pictures or one with a variety of sayings.

Wall Photography

Do not limit yourself on paintings alone, there is a lot you can put on your walls. You can diversify the collections on your wall by acquiring any of the many artistic photographs that are out there.

Framed pictures of intriguing figures or various images of nature can add a great touch on your hallway or home office. For a contemporary room, you can either use a canvas style photograph or a framed picture that complements the room color.

Contemporary Wall Art

This type of art ranges from city life pictures, nature or abstract pictures. Some concentrate on a small area and it’s a great way of appreciating the little things life and maintaining your color concept. To keep your room looking simple but with stark contrast, black and white will be the best. Other wall art pictures that have sharp colors in the midst of smooth, simple shapes of your contemporary décor can also be applied.

You can also think about adding an impressive canvas on top of your bed or couch to create a modern type of bedroom or living room or probably a five-part piece in order to decorate a large living area.

Vintage Wall Art

If you have a taste for the good old days, make your selection from a number of wall décor in order to maintain the best moments of the past in the present. Printings of flags, vehicles can create character and personality of your bedroom, traditional kitchen, or workshop. You can even go further and create “nostalgia” room for purposes of entertainment.

Metal Wall Art

The metal type of wall art will add a variety and intrigue to your existing collection, and it helps you come up with beautifully customized displays. For contemporary kind of rooms, add metal wall hangings. These can vary from intricate trees and insects to interesting abstract shapes. Huge wall stickers create fun to game room, a garage, or entertainment room. For fast installation and removal, consider self-adhesive, vinyl stickers. Once applied on pure white walls, vinyl stickers will provide you with a paint appearance.

Accent Wall with Wood Pallets

As much as the wood pallet craze could be waning, this kind of accent wall is still unbeatable. Depth, visual interest, character, and warmth is what you get from this wall accents.

Stone Accent Wall

Stone accent walls are not only sophisticated and rich they also give that calming experience. It is rare to go wrong with stone materials in décor, but when used as accent wall, the effect is even more stunning. Flat cut stones are ideal for a relatively narrow but tall wall.

Set up an Artsy Bookshelf

Provide your blank wall with a museum-like bookshelf full of collected treasures and different reading materials. You can elevate this library in order to have custom made steel-and-oak leading you to the library.

Hanging a Tapestry

Also known as the Mexican tree house, this wall accent comes with a living room full of worldly charm, mostly differentiated from the rest by a tapestry made from traditional Bhutanese man’s robe and placed on the wall. You can create more charm by adding wild designer furniture from Knoll or Ligne Roset.

Focal Feature Accent Wall

For a living room that has a central point, like a fireplace, you can easily turn the whole wall into an extension this focal point through making it an accent wall. A different wallpaper, paint color, or lighting layouts will change this ordinary wall into the backbone of the whole space.

The Staircase Accent Wall

The space closer to the staircase is usually tallest in the whole house and should therefore be utilized to the fullest. Since the wall is too long, and you cannot decorate the whole of it and it’s therefore advised to create an accent wall of a standout color.

If painters have their canvas as outlet for creativity, homeowners have the empty spaces of their dwellings to use as clean slate to express art. Interior walls are the perfect areas to put up things that might be any of the following: pieces that have sentimental value, awards, or pieces that simply look interesting to gaze at. Wall accents amp up your interior design.

Lovely apple shaped kitchen accentsThings posted on walls are usually good conversation starters with house guests. Wall accents also reflect the style of the homeowner. Of course, to make wall accents “effective”, we should consider two important elements: the style of the home and the personality of the homemaker. Here are some things to consider when putting up wall accents for your home. To avoid making decoration mishaps, especially with wall accents, de-classify the style of your home. Remember: your wall accents must complement the style of the house; however, what you place on your walls must also reflect you and not just the house itself.

Wall accents for the kitchen
For Victorian type houses, Renaissance paintings are must-haves. Gothic photographs in large frames with lots of details will also give that classic and elegant touch. To make a room appear more spacious, a big mirror channeling the Victorian era places in the kitchen or living room (those with intricate carvings and details) will do the trick. Hanging candelabras will also provide the vibe of being inside a castle or a European manor. You can also replace an old mirror and convert it to a photo frame for a change.

Wall accents need not be new or expensive

Modern type homes usually have solid block colors and are perfect for movie posters mounted on crisp-looking frames. Wallpapers rob the walls of its openness for various designs so it’s best to stick to solid colors if you have a lot of art to hang. Large-print stencils with bold designs and complementary colors would also give that added oomph. For example, a wall painted white could instantly come to life by painting on black retro circle prints and pin-up posters from the 50’s. Get the kids involved by encouraging them to place handprints on the walls of their rooms

Celing decorationWall accents decor need not be new or expensive and they should not be confined to visual art. If, for example, you’re the thirsty traveler, you can dedicate an entire wall to your souvenirs placed on wooden plank. For the musically inclined, your wall could have a collage of lyrics or old vinyl records. If you’re a student, combine fun and functionality by putting up decorated cardboard instead of a corkboard. Have fun and experiment. Wall accents, like the other parts of your home, reflect you. Let the walls do the talking with unique wall accents.

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