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Suggestions to Give You Plain Lamp Shade


The average lamp shade is dry, dull and easily goes unnoticed in a room. Here are a bunch of fun and easy suggestions on how to decorate a plain lamp shade to make it a standout piece of room décor. Choose one or a combination of any of the following ideas to suit your desired effect.

Basically, the first step is to take off the lampshade from the lamp and make sure it’s clean. Once this is done, you can now proceed to do any of the following:

Plain lampshade for a girl`s room

• Button Effect. The variety of shapes, sizes, and kinds of buttons are countless so let your imagination run wild! Either by sewing them on or using a glue gun to stick them on to the lampshade, create patterns that catch your fancy (e.g. flowers, stripes, wavy lines, dots). You might want to use them only as borders or even cover the entire lampshade with them.
• Painting. For this method, use fabric paint. If freehand is your forte, paint simple designs or a mini mural onto your lampshade. You might want to coordinate your lamp with the room motif (e.g. a funky club scene painted on a lampshade for the avid partygoer’s room). You can also use stencils bought from craft shops to paint uniform designs onto the lampshade. Simply tape a stencil on the lampshade and then apply paint with a sponge to prevent dripping.
• “Borderline” Embellishments. A subtle way to decorate the lampshade is through embellishing its upper and/or lower borders. Ribbon, charms, rhinestones, beads, seashells, rickrack, etc. can all be used to create a border for your lampshade. Just use the appropriate kind of glue in the right strength depending on what you wish to use as a border.
Plain lampshade decorated with wallpaper

• Hole-Puncher Ideas. For the romantic “Light filtering out” effect, punch holes into the lampshade so that the light shines out in certain shapes. Punch hearts or diamonds or flowers – choose what you want, but be sure not to punch too many holes or else the lampshade won’t perform its function. For another effect, try punching holes into the lampshade and then thread ribbon in and out of them, finishing off by tying the ends into a bow. You may thread different colored ribbons in rainbow order for a colorful effect or just be monochromatic but in different color shades. You can also try to punch holes an inch above the bottom edge of the lampshade and then suspend ornaments or trinkets from the holes using string.

These simple suggestions on how to decorate a plain lamp shade are inexpensive and very easy to make. Try them and enjoy!

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