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How to Become an Interior Decorator

One of the most important facets of interior design is interior decorating. As it is becoming more and more popular to different clients of all walks of life, the population of those who are gaining interest on this kind of job has also exhibited a significant growth. Learning how to become an interior decorator starts […]

How to Design a Room to Add to a House?

Designing your own dream house is more than just a dream coming true. The feeling is priceless and fulfilling. Imagine having your very own ideas and design to make a room to add to your very own house. The end result would be rewarding. Interior decorating though can turn into a nightmare if you have […]

30 Minutes Commercial Systems Used For Insulation Tutorial

House building around the world varies depending on many factors, but for countries where four seasons are coming in and going out of the house, or even those with extreme weather conditions, insulation is an important factor to consider. Inner weather inside a house must be under control in order to keep people living in […]

The basics of interior designing

Whether you are building a new home or redesigning an old one, it does not hurt to learn a little bit about interior designing. It is best that you at least know the basics. There is no place like home, so better build the one that you will truly love. Designing your own home requires […]

Find a Interior Design Course That Matches Your Personality

First of all let’s make it clear that an interior decorator is not the same as an interior designer, even when bot work in the design field. The knowledge that an Interior Designer possesses and the hours of study he has had to invest in front of a computer in order to be able to […]

Proof That Interior Design Training Is Exactly What You Are Looking For

Interior Design is a career involved with anything; space, windows, finishes, doors, furnishings, furniture, walls and lights. Interior designers use these essentials to polish an efficient, practical, secure and pleasurable area for the user of the building. The specialty areas and opportunities for an Interior Designer are limitless, especially for an outstanding one. To acquire […]

Choosing a career in interior design

Interior designers are imaginative, creative and artistic, an you can learn that in any interior decorating college. They also require well-disciplined, organized and skilled business people. Compounding knowledge with aesthetic vision, interior designers work with clients and other design professionals to produce design solutions that are safe, functional, magnetic and would meet the needs and […]

Choose the right interior decorating college

If you are a person whose passion is to design the inner look of your house, you have a sense to style and balance or you know how to play around with colors and still turn your creation into something lovely then you may want to take a course in Interior design. Although you have […]

Residential Interior Design: more than the eye can see

The place we call home is everything that we aspire to be and all that we are. It is a reflection of our ideals, our goals and our principles. In order to be able to give off the right impression to our visitors, home owners must take deliberate actions to put together items, furniture and […]