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The Perfect Christmas Decoration! | Decorating Visita Casas

Christmas Decoration


OH Christmas! One of the most beautiful times of the year, not only for the perceived aura you get whenever you breathe in, the gifts and snow (my apologies if it does not snow where you live), it is also perfect for people like us because very few things are as beautiful as the Christmas decoration.

Before, people just hung a few lights and nothing else. However; now we have all understood that Christmas decor is as important as everything else.

For there is no better way to create the perfect environment than through the correct scenery, that’s why, here we will give you the best tips to get the perfect Christmas decoration.

The Christmas Spirit Through Decoration

Christmas Decoration

Think for a moment what color is Christmas?
We cannot say that it is white, because it does not snow on every corner of the world. But what we can assure you that it is green.

The pines are undoubtedly a symbol of Christmas; therefore, we can never forget them. In addition; decorating the Christmas tree is one of the magic moments of the time that brings together the whole family.

Then we go to the next color that does define Christmas as much as the green of the tree, and that color is red.

Christmas is red and green, because red was the costume of St. Claus, the religious man whose kind spirit inspired Santa Claus.

So, now that we have established our color palette what do you think if we start with the true Christmas decoration?

Decorating Visita Casas’s Christmas Decoration

What we are about to share with you are the basic guidelines for you to achieve a dreamy Christmas decoration. Remember that every person has his style. However; no matter how much you want to innovate or how extroverted you are, the following elements cannot be missing in a Christmas decoration.

Christmas tree

Christmas Decoration

The most obvious of all, however; One that is undergoing too many transformations as the years go by. The Christmas tree has been the subject of decorators more than ever in the past Christmas, especially the one of the past 2016.

But why are people so interested in the Christmas tree? For monotony or uniformity is not what defines us. Traditions should be able to be coupled to the tastes of each family, and the Christmas tree is one of those traditions that have been too long being the same for everyone.

The secret is in the colors. We had already established that the color palette for Christmas is: red and green. However; we can completely alter those colors and use, for example: lavender and white.

That’s right, colors totally different to what you expect is the traditional; nonetheless, the decor does not have to be traditional to be perfect.

The elements we add to the Christmas tree and how they integrate with the rest of the decoration in our house is what makes up a perfect Christmas decoration.

What are these elements? Well then; take note. Under no circumstances should you do without them if you want a perfect decoration:

• Lights
• Glass balls
• Gift boxes

That’s right, only these three elements (and the star at the tip of the tree) are enough for your tree to look perfect. The balance in its distribution is the key to achieving a Christmas tree that looks as if it were taken out of a fairy tale. But now that you know what decorative ornaments you should wear, you should only get balance through trial and error.

In any case, we leave this picture of a lavender Christmas tree so you can use it for inspiration, just look how beautiful it looks!

Christmas Decoration

The Fireplace

The next most important element of all: the chimney. Why is the fireplace so important in the ideal Christmas decoration? For it is through the chimney where the spirit of Christmas enters with the gifts, that is to say, Santa Claus.

The true level of decor is that the fireplace is the perfect place for a quality, loving and thoughtful reunion at family level. The crackling fire cast a warm aura over the family gathered around it. There is simply no better place.

Christmas Decoration

The decoration in the fireplace is also full of traditions that you cannot be ignored:

• Christmas boots
• The Cookies
• The glass with milk

Even if no one believes that a plump man will enter the fireplace at night when everyone is asleep to leave gifts. Cookies and a glass with milk are a way for the family to welcome the spirit of Christmas.

Even if it is you who eat them while you put the gifts during the night. For that’s why you left them there in the first place, a reward for the effort of those who, with so much love and dedication, beautifully place gift boxes under the tree.

Add candles, cinnamon, pinecones and other tiny elements, but to a very discrete extent. The leading aspect of the fireplace decor goes to the boots.

Each of them must be personalized, dedicated to each member of the family and therefore, each one must be filled with that person’s favorite candy.

Although chocolate is the tradition, do not be afraid to add any out of the tendency candy. They will make us enjoy with greater emotion every moment. And do not forget that the reason why they are the most important aspect is because of their sentimental value. You can and should put a ceremonial boot dedicated to those beloved beings that are not physically there, but in spirit.

After all; the fireplace is the place where the spirit of Christmas will enter. What better way to honor those who now watch us from heaven?

The Christmas Crown

The third of the crucial elements that you should have at home if you want to enjoy a perfect Christmas decoration is the Christmas wreath.

For Christmas to be felt even before your house is entered, for people to be filled with that magic and love in your house, and to shout out that Christmas arrived to your home.

For that and more the Christmas wreath is used at the main entrance door.

To say that there is a specific model and that you should follow to the letter would be a big mistake. The ideal is to use the decorative elements that are left at the time of decorating the tree.

For example, for the lavender tree you saw above, we used a lavender crown on the main entrance door. However, angels and some unusual detail are good to add to the crown.

It is a way to show people who come to your door the way you have to enjoy Christmas inside the house. Do not be shy and add a ribbon to the door or even pieces of cinnamon or pinecones to the crown.

Essences are also a very important element of decoration, and the best way to complement everything our eyes see, is through those characteristic scents that are only perceived at Christmas.

I hope you have taken note of all the advice we have given you, and we hope you upload your picture when you have decorated your house! Merry Christmas!


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