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The Secrets of Best Home Water Purifiers

Water, source of life, health and well-being. But how much is it costing us to keep this natural resource in good condition? With so many technological advances; and still we do not give with what allows us to supply potable water to the world. At least there are what famous water purifiers. And thanks to them enough water can be made available in our homes.

The history of water purifiers is ancient, as are the Egyptians. There for 4000 and 2000 years before Christ. Since then it has boiled, allowed to evaporate in the sun; introduced metals such as silver or copper or just let it pass through the sand. These processes are very simple and in some parts of the world they are still used. Do you want to know more?

Let’s talk about purification

[one_half_first]There are several techniques that have been used for thousands of years; from then until now the methods change but the bases are still maintained. The most common to be used in our homes are boiling and filter. They are almost free; or at least everyone can apply them. But we have to know the basics before going further; so let’s start with the most basic of those both.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

The Boiling

It consistsin leaving to the fire the source of water with the purpose of killing the bacteria and parasites that are in there. This process has been the most common in all households; and over time has been perfected, until pasteurization.


It receives its name from the scientist and chemist Luis Pasteur; who was looking for a way of partial sterilization of liquids for consumption.

It is not sought to completely change the chemo composition of the liquids that are submitted to it, on the contrary; it only seeks to eliminate what could well do damage to our body. But leaving others, since there are microorganisms that are necessary for the proper functioning of our body; and are found naturally in the water we consume.


The filtration consists in passing the liquids through different materials sufficiently porous to allow it; but not so much as to let drain some microorganism that could be harmful.

These materials, usually consisting of pieces of clay, and although they allow the passage of water in small quantities; is effective enough to provide the vital liquid for human consumption.

Some types of filters use active compounds such as carbon. Which are adhered to unwanted compounds such as dust and certain chemicals present after the source of water has been treated; and also removes the hodor that could be generated in water.

In the last century began to use different chemical agents for the purification of water intended for households; one of these compounds is chlorine.

It is very common to hear things like letting the water stand for a few minutes before consuming it, and that is true, sometimes. As the chlorine with which water is treated evaporates little by little until it is imperceptible to taste.

Advantages of water purifiers.

How many times have you seen people take it directly from the tap? And how many times have you done it without knowing if you can really do it?

Well, I will tell you that it is not very advisable; because usually people who drink water directly from the tap do it because it has a filtration system connected directly to that faucet or to the entire piping system in your home.

Water purifiers are always a must have in your home. You should be aware that not all the water that passes through a pipe; and is supposed to be for human consumption is perfectly treated.

Stomach diseases are very common in countries where water treatment is poor; and does not provide a true sense of quality. In third world countries, or developing countries, unfortunately; contaminate their own sources of drinking water.

Coming from inland lakes to which nearby industries throw their wastes; thus causing intoxication on more than one occasion who consumes it. Even using filtering and cleaning methods, water loses its purity.


However, when the society handles that little detail and begins to rationally use the water it consumes; you, yourself can account for the advantages you will have in the long term, and it is not only the horror of money. There is something much more important, less medical treatments for stomach upsets.

How should you maintain the water purifiers in your home?

Depending on the type of purifier you use in your home; there will be different methods, ranging from cleaning to replacing it. The stones that come in some filters can be washed to remove any dirt that is trapped in its surface; while others require to be replaced by new ones.

And is that the active carbon that some of these possess lose that ability to absorb impurities and chemicals. That’s why you should be very careful to check them regularly to check their status. Each filter has its instructions; so be sure to follow it correctly.

Home methods of water purification.

Now we will mention some home methods to give that extra touch of water purification in your home.



Something as simple as lemon juice can help. A few drops for a certain amount of water but do not completely disinfect the water, help kill bacteria as the cause of cholera.

You can let it set for a few minutes and leave it directly in the sun after adding lemon drops.



While chlorine may be helpful, you should know how to apply it. If you do not add enough it will not kill the bacteria that are in the water, and if you apply too much its flavor will be horrible.

An excessive amount of chlorine is dangerous for the body, so with just 2 drops per liter of water and then let stand for at least 30 minutes is enough to evaporate excess chlorine and you can consume the water.


You can remove certain impurities from the water using only a piece of cloth; if it is thick enough, the earth or mud will be trapped in it.

Put it on a container, hold it with a piece of string or tape and pour the water. If you use a white cloth will be better, because you will realize that the water you thought was clean really has a lot, a lot of dirt.


Settlement is to leave the water at rest for some time so that the solid waste it may contain falls to the bottom.

This system is basically implemented in water tanks, both aerial and underground, where it remains quite enough for this process to happen.

Take a container, fill it with water and leave it for a long time at rest. You will see how the earth is deposited to the bottom of the container.

You must be aware that all these methods of purification, homemade or not provide great help to your health and that of your family, so always remember them.


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