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3 stylish country decorating ideas


If you’re thinking about redecorating your home, the country look is a beautiful look you might want to consider going for. The country style is elegant and classy (just like asian style), but you can also throw in a pinch of modern class to have it feel fresh as well. In this article we’ll go over three great country decorating ideas so you can create the perfect country décor for your house.

Country Decorating Idea #1 – Choose the Right Colors and Fabrics
Avoid decorating the house with heavy colors. Don’t just paint or wallpaper entire walls with gingham patches. Although this would really accentuate the country look, for most houses it’s far too stuffy or old fashioned. Choose more neutral colors so that you can accentuate art pieces or furniture pieces. The same goes for fabrics and window curtains. Make sure you choose stylish fabrics that really go with the house, without drawing too much attention.

Country style decorating

Country Decorating Idea #2 – Choose the Right Woods
The type of wood you use has a big impact on the overall feel of the house. Country decorating usually uses what’s called “relaxed woods.” These are woods like pine or rustic oak that really gives the house that country feel.
Country decorating ideas

Country Decorating Idea #3 – Freshen Up the House

The idea behind creating a country look is to create a classic and elegant look. However, old fashioned furniture and wallpapers can often look very stuffy. A great way to counteract this is by adding just a piece or two of modern furniture. Perhaps a Swedish design clear top coffee table. Perhaps a fancy looking chair. Just one or two modern pieces can take a stuffy look into a classic yet fresh look for your newly decorated house. If you enjoy a classy and elegant look, the country style home may be perfect for you. These country decorating ideas are a great start to making that vision a reality!

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